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Motorcycles: Dorna-CEO: What the freight problems of the MotoGP have to do with the war

Jorge Martin: "My goal must be to win three or four races"

 Jorge Martin: © Motorsport Images Jorge Martin is one of the candidates for the victory in Qatar Jorge Martin was one of the positive surprises in the past MotoGP - Season. The Spaniard sets heavily in the second MotoGP race of his career with the pole position and a podium heavily in scene and fetched his first victory over the season and let three more poles follow. With a further increase, Martin could recommend as a candidate for the Ducati plant team. "I have a really good feeling.

Noch am Donnerstag waren einige Boxen im Paddock von Termas de Rio Hondo leer © Motorsport Images Still on Thursday were some boxes in the Paddock of Termas de Rio Hondo Empty

not all days Dorna-CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta occurs to an extraordinary press conference in front of the media. But after the MotoGP was forced on Thursday to cancel all Friday training , involve clarification needs.

Mechanical problems with two flights , which should bring MotoGP freight from Indonesia to Argentina, had taken care of some teams with great delays in the delivery for the upcoming race weekend. Some boxes in Termas de Rio Hondo were still empty on Thursday.

According to reports that especially Ducati and its MotoGP customer teams are affected, Ezpeleta confirms: "It concerns tires, a lot of gresini and VR46 and also something of Ducati. They are different things. But it is clear that we all the same Conditions must provide. Even if only one would be affected. "

What price to pay when a MotoGP rider crashes?

  What price to pay when a MotoGP rider crashes? In addition to being dangerous, motorcycling is an extremely expensive sport for teams and manufacturers. In MotoGP each crash goes beyond a few thousand euros and quickly takes on values that only a brand can support. At the pinnacle of motorcycling, a prototype is much more than meets the eye and underneath the fairing is a whole world of used parts and materials where any drop has a significant impact on a manufacturer's budget.That motorcycling is a sport in which a lot of money moves isn't new to anyone and each crash implies a very high additional cost for all factories.

Russian freight flyers falling away

One of the cargo aircraft was still in Mombasa / Kenya on Thursday, waiting for spare parts to repair it. "If the flight withdraws this afternoon at 8 pm, everything is fine," says Ezpeleta ahead.

A reason for the transport problems also sees the Dorna CEO in Russia's war against Ukraine: "The situation with the flights is very complicated, and this problem has worsened by the war in Ukraine. Many of the cargo flights were carried out by Russian companies , These are forbidden now. "

"This lost about 20 percent of the cargo flights available on the world. The problem is that no flights are currently available. So we do not have any other choice than to wait until the plane is repaired in Mombasa."

Ezpeleta: "If you need to accept"

Quartararo: Is the rainfall of Yamaha fixed now?

 Quartararo: Is the rainfall of Yamaha fixed now? MotoGP World Champion Fabio Quartararo celebrated in Mandalika his first podium ticket with completely wet conditions and was surprised by his pace itself. "To be honest, in wet never so fast, and it took a while until I realized that I could drive so fast," gives the Yamaha pilot. © Motorsport Photo The Frenchman has previously been known to be well cared for with rain, but the Grand Prix of Indonesia proved the opposite.

, which is more difficult in the current case, is that the freight between two places on opposite sides of the earth - Mandalika and Termas - must be transported. Three cargo flights went over Kenya, Lagos and Brazil, while the other two went over Doha, Ghana and then to Argentina.

A reason for rethinking in the design of the calendar, Ezpeleta does not seem. "We organized 499 Grand Prix, and thank God is the first time we have this problem," says the Spaniard. "It's not good overall, but we are ready to accept these types of things."

"We are used to solve problems when they appear, and this is one of them. The only thing we can do is give our best to try to solve the situation. But the is something we need to accept. That's just like the weather or other things. It's part of the game. "

on the question of whether this Grand Prix could serve as a test run for further shortened race weekends in the future, the Dorna CEO removes. Although the calendar is getting bigger, "but a solution is not to reduce three on two".

"Great, Having Grip again": Ducati pilots in Austin with good feeling .
after three mixed race weekends at the beginning of the MotoGP season 2022 you have the path back to the absolute top group in the Ducati work team at the US weekend. found. at the training day to the Grand Prix of America on the Circuit of the Americas in Austin was Jack Miller's second opponent. Team College Francesco Bagnaia would also be directly qualified directly for Q2 on Saturday with P9.

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