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Motorcycles: Ducati confesses: After three races no basic vote for the GP22

Response to Millers Corona Test: Ducati shifts MotoGP Team Presentation

 Response to Millers Corona Test: Ducati shifts MotoGP Team Presentation © Ducati The colors of the factory-Ducatis are not shown after the Sepang test Ducati has the presentation of the MotoGP team announced for the 28th of January for the season 2022 postponed. For ahead, a positive corona test of Werkspilot Jack Miller, which is in isolation and is not allowed to leave Australia ( more information ). Miller has to be patient until he is allowed to travel to Europe again.

Jack Miller und Francesco Bagnaia blieben 2022 bislang hinter den Erwartungen © Motorsport Images Jack Miller and Francesco Bagnaia stayed 2022 hitherto behind the expectations

a fifth place as the best result after three races: in the Ducati-Werksteam you had The prelude of the MotoGP season 2022 introduced very differently. Francesco "Pecco" Bagnaia went after the strong second half of the season 2021 as a World Cup favorite in the new season. Teammollege Jack Miller also counted a lot after the winter test rides. The reality but looks different.

"We have no base right now," Miller uses the fourth race of the season, which takes place this weekend on the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. As a reason that a fundamental tuning for the GP22 is still behind, Miller calls the fact that none of the three previous race weekends had been a normal.

WSBK 2022: Philipp Öttls Goeleven-Ducati presents

 WSBK 2022: Philipp Öttls Goeleven-Ducati presents © Go Eleven With this Ducati of Geeleven, Philipp Öttl trims in the WSBK season 2022 at it goes to Philipp Öttl and the Ducati-Team Geeleven, then it can begin: the Season 2022 of the Superbike World Cup (WSBK). On Sunday, the motorcycle was presented in Cherasco in the Italian region Piedmont, with the Öttl this year's hunting for World Cup points.

"In Qatar, we spent ourselves. And in the race, my bike was simply assumed. In Indonesia, it was wet. Normally I have had to win there easily. But because we did not have a base, and our vote was not perfect for rain," So Miller, who was still fourth in Mandalika, after he stayed without points at the season opener.

on Qatar and Indonesia followed Argentina. And there the weekend was a challenge due to the shortened schedule for all. In only two free workouts, the Ducati-Werksteam did not succeed in making reasonable voting work. Miller, who took the race after reverse by three starting places only as a 14th attack, did not put a single overtaking maneuver and finally came as a 14th goal.

very similar to Miller, but not so desperate, teammate Bagnaia judges the situation. The Italian was overthrown in Qatar, with Irkati brand colleague Jorge Martin ripped out of the race. In the rain of Indonesia, "Pecco" decades P15. In Argentina, however, from the 13th starting place coming coming a strong catch-up, which saw him coming to P5.

Gigi Dall'Igna talks about the lack of sportsmanship of the other manufacturers

  Gigi Dall'Igna talks about the lack of sportsmanship of the other manufacturers At the first Grand Prix of the 2022 season in Qatar, the Ducati GP22's height adjustment system was.Paolo Ciabatti and Davide Tardozzi were critical voices over the weekend after the other five manufacturers voted against using the italian bike's system at the MSMA (Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers' Association) meeting.

Jack Miller © Motorsport Images Jack Miller

"I just have to set myself on it," says Bagnaia about the DESMOSEDICI GP22 and does not want to know that this is more difficult to vote than the predecessor model GP21. "Argentina was a step in the right direction for us. Now we just have to go on. Sure, until now, none of the race weekend was a normal. But we should not think about it. Let's talk again in four, five races again," says The Vice World Champion of 2021.

Francesco Bagnaia © Motorsport Images Francesco Bagnaia

The question of whether he has already found a base tuning for the GP22 together with CrewChief Cristian Gabarrini, Bagnaia answers: "We still have a little something to do. But on Sunday in Argentina really succeeded us an incredible step. That's true confident. But we have to understand what it takes to put a good time attack. "

Five Ducatis A Nightmare Scenario for Fabio Quartararo? "I do not think that" .
© Fabio Quartararo has to be in the race equal to five Ducatis in qualifying for the Grand Prix of the USA was Fabio Quartararo with his Yamaha the first pursuer of the Ducati Quintet. The world champion experienced a turbulent afternoon at the Circuit of the Americas, because he crashed in his first run in curve 19. "I have given my best," Quartararo comments on the crash, where he remained unhurt.

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