Motorcycles: Healthy posture: So you are properly sitting on the bike

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  Gesunde Körperhaltung: So sitzt du richtig auf dem Fahrrad © Lightfieldstudios/Gettyimages Bicycle strengthens your back. But not every posture is healthy. Find out here what your back is good.

If you are traveling on the bike, you shouldn't sit too upright in the saddle. This is pointed out by sports scientist Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University Cologne.

because: "In this attitude, the muscles are too relaxed."

relaxed muscles - which sounds like a protective, the back is not the best choice. It is better to bend the upper body a little forward when cycling, says Froböse.

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Background: This is how you reach a certain preload that stabilizes the spine and can cushion vibrations better.

The right posture on

The sports scientist advises a bending of 15 to 20 degrees, which by the way does not correspond to the sitting position that is known from racing bike professionals.

their strongly bent attitude is not worrying in terms of health, according to Froböse. "However, the back should be trained due to the stressful attitude," said Froböse.

beginners better choose a city or trekking bike before they daring to the racing bike.

Bradl looking forward to Nakagamis Feedback to New Honda Chassis .
© Motorsport Images Takaaki Nakagami tries a new chassis tested by Stefan Bradl (photo: Sachsenring) in the Honda camp after the first race weekend after the MotoGP summer break a couple Technical changes to the bikes. Takaaki Nakagami moves out in the LCR team on Friday, the training day for the Grand Prix of Great Britain in Silverstone , with a revised chassis on the RC213V. This new chassis has already been tested by HRC test driver Stefan Bradl in Jerez.

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