Motorcycles: existence in the MotoGP midfield makes Maverick Vinales "Better Driver"

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Maverick Vinales macht bei Aprilia einen weiteren Reifeprozess durch © Motorsport Images Maverick Vinales at Aprilia, another ripening process through

The shape curve of Aprilia-Pilot Maverick Vinales showed significantly in the two MotoGP races before the summer break above. Already in the heat battle on the Sachsenring he fought before his failure for the podium, in Assen finally succeeded in third on the podium.

It was the first time that Vinales was allowed to take home a trophy in the service of the manufacturer from Noale. In his Aprilia era, the Spaniard makes an important development step, as he himself admits: "I learned a lot in the races in which I had problems. I was not used to starting from behind."

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"In my career I always started all over because I always fought at the top. But in these times when I was at the start] I learned how to fight." A prime example of this was his Sachsenring race. There Vinale's "everything I learned in the first rounds."

Maverick Vinales with Aprilia much further back in Qualifying

, the Aprilia pilot actually fought forward within the first five rounds from ninth place to position. However, his furious journey was stopped by a defective Ride-Height-Evice shortly after racing.

What Vinales' Thesis underpins is the view of qualifying performance. In his last year in the Yamaha factory team, the Spaniard came to average 7.7 until his expulsion after the first Spielberg run. In the current season, his first full year at Aprilia, the value is 13.6 and is therefore almost twice as high.

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Vinales is convinced: "I learned a lot. And that makes me a better driver for the future." One of the learned lessons is the right approach to the start. "I used to be able to drive into the first curve and say: 'Okay, now I'm going out, now I'm going inwards, now I'm going there," says Vinales.

Start phase and duel as the most important lesson

"I usually started from the front row. Then you arrive in the first curve, go through it, and that's it. But now I look at a lot of starts beforehand and then tell myself: '' I will now go there to overtake. '"

and also in a duel, Vinales made clear progress through the steel bath of the hard midfield of the MotoGP . During his Yamaha times, the Spaniard went down regularly as soon as he had fallen back to the back of the top 10. As an Aprilia pilot, he can assert himself better. He found the necessary aggressiveness, says Vinales himself.

and: "I also found the right timing for overtaking maneuvers. Even if I had no place, I had at least the right timing. And it is important, a quick one Having bike on the straight. That makes your life easier. " So far,

Maverick Vinales has contested 16 MotoGP races at the Aprilia RS-GP. So far, he has collected 73 points during this period. Apart from his third place in Assen 2022 , he drove to the top 10. in these 16 runs for six more times

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