Motorcycles: Schnauzer becomes 70: Heiner Brand remembers triumph and "the worst experience"

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Gummersbach-the idea of ​​a big party for the 70th birthday has quickly rejected handball legend Heiner Brand -but not because of the Corona pandemy .

Handball-Legende Heiner Brand feiert am Dienstag (26. Juli) seinen 70. Geburtstag. © provided by Tag24 Handball legend Heiner Brand celebrates his 70th birthday on Tuesday (July 26).

"My 50th I celebrated with around 250 guests. One wonders afterwards: Who did you actually speak to?

and so the jubilee celebrates this Tuesday "only in the closest family circle with my wife, my children and the grandchildren. You have the most of it," said Brand.

On the occasion of his honorary day, he looks at his life "with great satisfaction". "My marriage has existed for 47 years, even with the children everything is going well. And I have achieved more in terms of sport than I have ever dared to dream. I have turned my hobby into a profession. It is beautiful", " Summered fire.

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with his heart club VfL Gummersbach , for which he played for 27 years, he was six times German champion, four times DHB Cup winner and five European Cup winners.

DHB President Andreas Michaelsen: "One of the biggest personalities!" WM-Titel 2007: Trainer Brand (70, v.l.n.r.) hält den WM-Pokal zusammen mit seinen Spielern Michael Kraus, Torwart Henning Fritz und Kapitän Markus Bauer. © provided by Tag24 WM title 2007: Trainer Brand (70, from left to right) holds the World Cup Cup together with his players Michael Kraus, goalkeeper Henning Fritz and captain Markus Bauer.

But that is outlined by the World Cup triumph with the DHB selection.

"All victories were nice. But the two World Cup titles will certainly be remembered the most. 1978 as a player-that was a big surprise. And in 2007 to win the World Cup in their own country in an incredible atmosphere was extraordinary," said Brand .

Other highlights as national coach were the European Championship title 2004, Olympia silver in the same year and second place at the 2003 and EM 2002.

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for DHB President Andreas Michelmann (62) is Brand "one of the biggest personalities that We have ever had - not only in handball, but in the entire German Sport ".

The World Cup triumph in which Brand was involved were "milestones for German handball". "Heiner Brand has served our handball players as a role model for generations," said the boss of the German Handball Federation.

No wonder that brand is still a sought -after man. The former circuit runner has been an expert on the Pay TV broadcaster Sky for years, and he also gives lectures on team education, leadership and motivation for companies.

Accident of Freund Joachim Deckarm as a drastic experience Beim Pay-TV-Sender Sky ist der einstige Kreisläufer seit Jahren als Experte im Einsatz. © provided by Tag24 The former circuit runner has been an expert for years as an expert.

also appears as an ambassador for non -profit organizations such as the German Children's Hospice Association. In his free time he reads a lot-especially crime novels-and is active in sports, "whether I ride a bike, golf games or go to fitness training. So it's never boring."

Kitzbühel: Thiem takes its quarter

 Kitzbühel: Thiem takes its quarter © supplied by Tennis - ATP - Kitzbühel: Thiem takes its quarter it had to work. This Wednesday, the Austrian Dominic Thiem, 199th world player, qualified for the quarterfinals of the ATP 250 tournament in Kitzbühel in Austria, on clay, after his victory against his compatriot Sebastian Ofner, 235th world player and from Qualifications, in three rounds (6-2, 3-6, 6-3) and 1h59 of play. In the first round, Dominic Thiem made a white entrance break.

and then there is his former teammate and long -time friend Joachim Deckarm, which he takes care of. "I visit him at least once a week. The hour that we then spend together is good for him. We dice, talk, have joy," said Brand.

Deckarm's accident on March 30, 1979 in the European Cup game of VfL Gummersbach at the Hungarian Club Tatabanya, according to which the then 25-year-old was in a coma for 131 days and sitting in a wheelchair, Brand describes Brand as the worst experience he has ever had.

"It made me look at life from a different perspective at a young age. That sport is not everything. How unimportant a sporting success is because other things are much more important. The other can change, "he reported.

Heiner Brand wants to shorten

in the future, and there were also dark sides. "The boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games hurt the most because we would have driven there with large medal hopes," said Brand in retrospect.

but the feelings of happiness for the anniversary outweigh. "I feel good, also from the soul. Of course I have a few ailments, but they were there a week after my farewell game. That is nothing that affects me," he reported.

Nevertheless, Brand wants to shorter in the future: "Overall, I have more distance to handball and no longer have to have a say. At 70, you no longer have to be in the forefront."

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