Motorcycles: up to 100 kilos of loads: Uni Ulm presents e-cargo bike with quick loaders in front of

France 2: Laurent Luyat forced to abandon the Tour de France for "health concerns"

 France 2: Laurent Luyat forced to abandon the Tour de France for The animator of bicycle club announced on social networks that he could not continue the presentation of the program for Last stages of the Tour, following health problems. © FR2 The Bike Club animator announced on social networks that he could not continue to present the program for the last stages of the Tour, following health problems. Bad news for lovers of Vélo Club and the Tour de France.

It looks like an oversized scooter with bicycle components. The electric load bike that researchers from the University of Ulm designed is intended to enable emission-free goods transport.

Der Ulmer Ingenieur Suvrath Pai bei einer Testfahrt. © Elvira Eberhardt, Uni Ulm The Ulm engineer Suvrath Pai on a test drive.

"Emission-free courier trips through the narrow streets of an old town, environmentally friendly removal of green waste in the city park or the space-saving delivery of cooled food to the marketplace- all of this could soon be possible with the new electrical load power bike," says Michael Buchholz, research group leader at the Institute for Measurement , Regular and microtechnology of the University of Ulm.

existence in the MotoGP midfield makes Maverick Vinales "Better Driver"

 existence in the MotoGP midfield makes Maverick Vinales © Motorsport Images Maverick Vinales at Aprilia, another ripening process through The shape curve of Aprilia-Pilot Maverick Vinales showed significantly in the two MotoGP races before the summer break above. Already in the heat battle on the Sachsenring he fought before his failure for the podium, in Assen finally succeeded in third on the podium. It was the first time that Vinales was allowed to take home a trophy in the service of the manufacturer from Noale.

The engineer coordinates the project "Zero-emission Cargo Bike for Smart Cities", which has now produced a first prototype. The newly developed fully electric cargo wheel is three meters long and 170 kilograms. The vehicle can also reach a speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour and carry up to 100 kilograms of load.

Bike is said to be designed quickly

is the wheel in the long-tail format, so that the load is not transported in front of the driver as with a classic cargo bike, but behind it. The electric compartment scooter, which is not referred to as a bicycle due to the lack of pedals, makes a specially developed quick charging system including recuperation -capable battery. “A high-quality battery system with an active heating and cooling system makes it possible to charge the battery on a conventional public AC charging station to up to 80 percent within 30 minutes. That saves a lot of time, ”says Bastian Mayer, project manager for ZEC-Bike from the DLR-FK, in an report from the University of Ulm. The all-wheel drive used also contributes to a higher energy efficiency of the electric bike.

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The researchers are currently working on introducing the bike to the market quickly. The team sees the greatest potential in the courier, express and package industry, both in the commercial and private sector, and in municipal use.

Bradl looking forward to Nakagamis Feedback to New Honda Chassis .
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