Motorcycles: despite problems with the Ducati V4R: Philipp Öttl drives into the top 8 in Most!

floating Documenta art project "Citizenship" is located Fest

 floating Documenta art project The floating documenta art project "Citizenship" has to interrupt its journey to Kassel because of a water level of the Weser. "The Citizenship will spend the current dry season on the investor of the 1st MC Wolfsburg on Doctorsee near Rinteln," said a spokeswoman. The organizers from the Berlin Center for Art and Urban Studies hope to be able to drive the remaining 200 kilometers to Kassel in September.

Philipp Öttl arbeitete sich am Sonntag von Startplatz 15 in die Top 8 vor © Motorsport Images Philipp Öttl worked on Sunday from starting place 15 in the top 8 in front of

WSBK-Rookie Philipp Öttl on Sunday at the Superbike World Championship in Most with a eighth place in the summer break ( on the race report by Run 2 ). In the final race before the five-week break, Öttl showed a good performance and was then pleased that he was able to master the problems with the coordination work together with his Goeleven crew.

"This weekend we had to fight a bit with the motorcycle," admits Öttl at the Autodrom Most at the meeting with ''. "We were able to improve the motorcycle for run on Saturday. After that, further changes were necessary because the motorcycle is extremely complex when it comes to the interaction of electronics and chassis. It worked really well on Sunday."

France 2: Laurent Luyat forced to abandon the Tour de France for "health concerns"

 France 2: Laurent Luyat forced to abandon the Tour de France for The animator of bicycle club announced on social networks that he could not continue the presentation of the program for Last stages of the Tour, following health problems. © FR2 The Bike Club animator announced on social networks that he could not continue to present the program for the last stages of the Tour, following health problems. Bad news for lovers of Vélo Club and the Tour de France.

on Saturday Öttl finished 13th. The German also finished the Superpole race in 13th place on Sunday morning. "Perhaps we would have been faster in the sprint race with the SCX tire, but in the warm-up the tire broke down completely," says Öttl, who is pondering for the SC0 -tire decided.

votes from Alvaro Bautista cannot be taken over

Ducati brand colleague Alvaro Bautista used the SCX tire in the sprint race and did not feel really comfortable with it. Comparisons with the World Cup leader are difficult for Öttl because the driving styles differ. Öttl cannot simply take over the coordination of Bautstas Ducati Panigale V4R.

"Everyone has a different driving style and has different needs. We cannot do 1: 1 the mapping or electronics. It doesn't work," explains Öttl. "But we can adapt it to my needs.

"People should not fall into a hole": Transport companies request extension of the 9-euro ticket until October

 The head of the Association of German Transport Companies is in favor of a quick succession solution. In the long term, he considers a 69 euro ticket to be useful. © Photo: Stefan Sauer/dpa The 9-euro ticket drives significantly more people on the trains. The local transport industry is committed to an extension of the 9-euro ticket by two more months.

"The motorcycle has to be coordinated for the respective driver at the end. This applies to the electronics, but also to the actual coordination. Everyone is needed a shade differently," says the long-time Grand Prix pilot.

What Philipp Öttl says for security in the Autodrom Most. On Friday evening, the focus was again on security ( what was objected to

). What does Öttl say on this topic?

"I like the route very much. I really like it. But such a route has to be ready when a world championship is guest. It is not optimal when something has to happen and you only act afterwards," he suggests concerns.

"The efforts are there. Nothing happened, but with this attitude it is always a game on knife cutting edge. In Jerez I would not worry at all, but that also applies to many other routes because the walls are so far away are. Even at the Pannonia ring, this is the case. The lawns are very generous. You don't end up in a wall, "compares Öttl. Is

Problems with Magenta Sport! Panne at the start of the 3rd League

 Problems with Magenta Sport! Panne at the start of the 3rd League Germany - Finally (!) Again Football , many fans of third division clubs thought on Saturday. New season, new happiness - this applies to the clubs. But streaming providers Magenta Sport had to deal with well-known problems in the transfer on Saturday. © provided by Tag24 Dynamo Dresden was transferred to ARD regardless of the problems with Magenta against 1860 Munich.

driven in the "Adult" Superbike World Cup?

In addition to the sometimes not particularly lavish spout zones, the harassment also caused excitement after the start/finish. At the start of the Super Sports World Cup on Saturday there was a mass crash, in which World Cup leaders were also involved in Dominique Aegerter.

"It does not always work if 20 or 30 drivers want to go to such a needle," says Öttl, who did not want to comment on a controversy about agents (

In the meantime, the Swiss has apologized for his behavior


do the driving methods differ between the Supersport World Cup and the Superbike World Championship? "It's all adults and seasoned racing drivers in the Superbike World Championship. The drivers are already on the road with mind," says Öttl. "Since we only have 24 or 25 motorcycles in the field, it is different from the 300s, where 40 drivers with the knives between the teeth control the first curve."

After the first six WSBK events of the 2022 season, Öttl is in 13th place in the driver's ranking. During the weekends in Aragon, Assen, Estoril, Misano, Donington and Most, the German collected 40 World Cup points.

engine problem ensures large setback: Max Verstappen only tenth! .
© Motorsport Images Max Verstappen is very disappointed with ten. After the bulls had already lost Sergio Perez in Q2, world champion Verstappen in Q3 did not get out of the last place, so that he will only tackle the race at Hungaroring on Sunday. The Dutch had already ruined his first run with a bremian in the second curve and only went into the decisive attempt as a seventh. But he couldn't improve there because there were problems with his engine. "I just didn't have any power," he says.

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