Motorcycles: Again: Again close situation between Razgatlioglu and Rea

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In Most kam es wieder zu einem engen Duell zwischen Rea und Razgatlioglu © Motorsport Images in Most there was again a close duel between Rea and Razgatlioglu

Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) and Toprak Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) in the Czech must -Race a tight duel for victory. The decisive scene took place in the last round in curve 15.

Razgatlioglu was in front and stretched his right leg next to the bike in the brake phase. Rea wanted to brake on the right inside, but the record world champion had to avoid the Turk's leg. As a result, Rea missed the brake point and drove straight into the gravel bed.

"The Superpole race was good," comments Rea. "I had a very good rhythm and felt stronger than Toprak. I also felt stronger than him in curve. But then he drove a completely different defensive line than in the rounds before."

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"I tried to avoid his foot, solved the brake and drove inwards. That compromised my own line. Fortunately, there was enough gravel there that braked me. I was able to continue and keep my position."

Both drivers spoke about the scene in the outlet round. "This is racing," says Razgatlioglu. "Sometimes you collide, sometimes not. It is the last round, everyone fights for their position. It is important that you have respect afterwards."

"It was good in the first five rounds, but then the tire decreased and Johnny got stronger. So I had to fight. He had a little more grip in the back. In curve he was stronger than I was. So I broke the curve in the middle. "

After the race, both laughed at the Parc Ferme. There is none, as Rea confirms: "I enjoyed the duel, it was good." After the ride, Rea finished second. The record world champion ended the two main races as fourth and third.

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Jonathan Rea for a long time. He achieved his last victory in Estoril in May. Nevertheless, the veteran draws a positive conclusion after the Czech Republic weekend, because his Kawasaki ran better than in the previous year.

"We improved the brake compared to Saturday. I felt really good," Rea says. "The beginning of race 2 was a chaos. Especially when Bassani and Rinaldi fought against each other. After all, I overtook Bassani and Rinaldi fell."

"I generally felt quite good. Six, seven laps before the end of the race there were slips on the front wheel. I also had a chattering in the inclined position. It was physical. In the end, their pace was better than mine."

"We made great progress compared to the previous year. I enjoyed the motorcycle and the route. It wasn't enough. Congratulations on Alvaro and Toprak. But in general it was much better than in the previous year. We can draw many positive conclusions. "

"We get everything out of the package. If you make small mistakes, it is very difficult to catch up again. We have problems with engine management and wheelie control in first-time curves. We lose soil there."

"I am on the brake, with the acceleration and the inclination. But it is very difficult to make it constant. That is why we need some help in this area so that it is easier to manage."

"I ran the lead that Alvaro built on the home stretch and at the outcome of curve 1 until curve 10. But that was very stressful because you had to take great risk. A difficult race."

"I needed half the round to make up for the gap. And that was every round. From this point of view it was a difficult race. I didn't make a lot of mistakes. In the end I had to let them go and got my race completed."

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