Motorcycles: Francesco Bagnaia: "We are missing two tenths per round"

fuel prices for petrol continues to fall - Super E10 at pre -war level

 fuel prices for petrol continues to fall - Super E10 at pre -war level Munich. Motorists with petrol engines can recharge their batteries again and immediately before the Ukraine War broke out. However, the ADAC does not see the reason for relaxation. © Julius-Christian Schreiner Super E10 has again reached the level before the war. The sink flight of fuel prices continues. Super gasoline of the E10 variety is again at the level before the start of the Ukraine war, as can be seen from ADAC numbers on Wednesday. One liter cost 1.75 euros in the nationwide average o

Francesco Bagnaia sucht in Silverstone noch nach dem perfekten Gefühl © Motorsport Images Francesco Bagnaia in Silverstone Even after the perfect feeling

in the MotoGP qualifying of Silverstone , eight drivers on Saturday are eight drivers from Marque Marquez The 2019. Six of them cracked the 1:58 minutes, including Francesco Bagnaia.

Nevertheless, it was only enough for the Ducati pilot in the end only to five, while brand colleague Johann Zarco won the Pole and team-mate Jack Miller finished third.

"It was one of my best qualifying rounds at all, but unfortunately it wasn't enough," says Bagnaia and admits: "Compared to last year, the level on this route is simply incredibly high." In the end, the Italian separated the Italian just 0.194 seconds.

engine problem ensures large setback: Max Verstappen only tenth!

 engine problem ensures large setback: Max Verstappen only tenth! © Motorsport Images Max Verstappen is very disappointed with ten. After the bulls had already lost Sergio Perez in Q2, world champion Verstappen in Q3 did not get out of the last place, so that he will only tackle the race at Hungaroring on Sunday. The Dutch had already ruined his first run with a bremian in the second curve and only went into the decisive attempt as a seventh. But he couldn't improve there because there were problems with his engine. "I just didn't have any power," he says.

Bagnaia is still looking for the perfect feeling

Even if he was satisfied with this performance, Bagnaia admits: "It was not easy today, because I don't feel very comfortable on my motorcycle at the moment."

"But we know what to do and can increase tomorrow. We may be missing two tenths per round to be there in the top group and to fight for victory," he looks at the currently World Cup Tomorrow races ahead.

"It is currently difficult to understand where I stand with my pace compared to the others because I have a completely different strategy in fourth free training. Nevertheless, I think that we will be competitive and with another step tomorrow can mix in the front. "

missing rear-wheel grip The main problem

when it comes to the question of what he still lacks, he explains: "At the moment I am missing Hinterradgrip. That's why I lose a lot of time towards the other Ducati drivers in a few sections of the route. We concentrate on that. The good thing is, good, that I only lose two points and we can work on it. "

The fact that it is not running as hoped has already surprised him, Bagnaia continues. "It was similar in the previous year. In Austria I felt good with my motorcycle and when we arrived here, I had to fight," he looks back.

"This time we started better into the weekend than in 2021, I don't feel that bad. But something is still missing. In asses everything was a little easier. To get there, we have to work harder here. But it goes into the right one Direction. The lap time we drove today is proof of this. "

The new wing elements at the rear of the Ducati, with which team -mate Miller also drove on Saturday, did not yet test Bagnaia. "I will do that in Austria."

fuel prices rise again .
super petrol for a good 2.20 euros per liter, diesel for 2.32 euros: For many people in Germany, the war in Ukraine was first very noticeable at the petrol pump when the fuel prices in early March Record hurried. The government reacted and decided on a temporary tax cut. But it now expires, an extension as in other countries should not exist. Is there a new price shock? © Uwe Lein/dpa A week before the end of the so -called tank rabbit, the fuel prices rose slightly again.

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