Motorcycles: Thunderstorms: the Mediterranean arc threatened by "whirlwind, winged or even tornadoes"

Act on purchasing power: the promises of buried compromise?

 Act on purchasing power: the promises of buried compromise? © Xose Bouzas / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP in the National Assembly, the debates continue on the bill purchasing power ... and drag in an electric atmosphere between the government and the opposition, which accuse each other of not being constructive. If Bruno Le Maire said "wanting the compromise" but "not with billions", the oppositions want to push the executive to let go. Monday in the National Assembly began The examination of the Bill on Purchasing Power .

Sur la promenade des Anglais à Nice, le 28 juin. © Valery Hache on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, June 28.

After the heat wave, brutal rains are likely to fall on the south of France. Eight departments of the Mediterranean arc are now on orange vigilance for thunderstorms: Aude, Tarn, Hérault, Aveyron, Gard, Bouches-du-Rhône, Var. The rest of France is in yellow vigilance. During a Météo France press briefing, Frédéric Nathan, a forecaster engineer warned of an "stormy situation that will last" .

Large storms, very electric, with powerful gusts and accompanied by hail were expected this Tuesday afternoon in the Tarn, Aude and Aveyron. Even on a good part of the southwest, placed in yellow vigilance, "Locally strong storms will be able to break out in the evening and first part of the night" , according to the Météo France bulletin. At the end of the day, the Hérault and the Gard, also placed in raw yellow alert, precipitation can "reach 80 mm in a very short time; We can locally exceed 100 to 120 mm ». "Turbillon phenomena, wrapped or even tornadoes, could also occur" , adds Météo France. The Bouches-du-Rhône, the Var and the Vaucluse could be hardly affected by the violent thunderstorms in the night or Wednesday morning. The Gard, the Hérault should follow later during the day.

heat wave: 13 departments remain placed in orange alert

 heat wave: 13 departments remain placed in orange alert © Fred Tanneau / AFP Le Temps Monday will be dominated by a stormy degradation in the east and always hot in the South-East where 13 departments remain placed in orange orange heat wave . In France, temperatures will oscillate between 14 to 18 degrees in the northwest and 38 degrees in Provence and in the Rhône valley. Time Monday will be dominated by stormy degradation in the east and always hot in the Southeast where 13 departments remain placed in orange heat wave .

Suspicion of Mediterranean episodes

Video: violent thunderstorms expected this Tuesday afternoon in the Tarn and Aveyron (BFMTV)

These storms are Cévenols episodes, these abundant rains and sudden also called Mediterranean episodes? In the case of current thunderstorms, "We can estimate that this is if the thunderstorms are stationary that they pour more than 100 mm of rain. There has already been this type of situation in mid-August, even if it is more classic in the fall ", replied Frédéric Nathan. He explains that these events take place during very specific weather conditions, where warm, humid and unstable air lifts are confrontation with cold air.

“This gives fairly devastating, sometimes fatal floods each year. And as the Mediterranean is very hot this year, we can fear that there are more Mediterranean episodes or that they are more intense ”, explains to Liberation Agnes Ducharne, CNRS research director on the cycle of the 'Water . The water from the Mediterranean, overheated by the successive heat waves of summer, is indeed 5 ° C to 6 ° C above normal. However, it generates one of the ingredients of Mediterranean episodes: water vapor. In the south-east of the country, where Mediterranean episodes are often linked to the relief, "The wet air generated by the evaporation of the Mediterranean at the end of summer is brought back to the land by the wind. This hot air comes up against mountains, so it continues its progression upwards. Going up, it cools, water vapor condenses and generates large rains ", details Agnès Ducharne.

Collective bargaining for Lufthansa flooring staff continued

 Collective bargaining for Lufthansa flooring staff continued After the nationwide warning strike of the Lufthansa floor staff, the Verdi union and the company are talking to each other again. Accompanied by protests by some employees, the delegations met on Wednesday at Frankfurt Airport for the third round of the collective bargaining. © Hannes P. Albert/dpa Participant in the rally on the way to the negotiations. The Verdi union demands 9.5 percent more money for around 20,000 Lufthansa employees on the ground.

These events are very localized and difficult to predict. They particularly fear big floods this year because the soils are very dry and packed because of drought . So they may not absorb water. "The rain is likely to run even more than usual" , warns Agnès Ducharne. Beware of lightning floods and landslides.

Firefighters are already preparing for interventions and calls for individuals who can prepare their houses: put the furniture and valuables in the floors and do not try to access the ground floor when the flood begins for avoid being trapped.

Weather. The orange vigilance raised in the Southeast, what should we expect for this weekend? .
© Daniel Fouray / Ouest-France Two people protect themselves from rain with umbrellas. (Illustration photo). Météo-France lifted this Saturday, September 3, 2022 the orange vigilance established the day before in six departments in the Southeast. The weather will remain covered this Saturday on a wide half of the country, before thinking expected on Sunday. The weather will oscillate between rain and clearings for this first weekend in September.

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