Motorcycles: fifty bites for two cyclists attacked by hornets, a phenomenon that remains rare

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Deux cyclistes ont été violemment attaqués dimanche par des frelons, après avoir pédalé près de leur nid. Les deux hommes ont été piqués une cinquantaine de fois chacun, et ont été hospitalisés en urgence absolue. Une attaque qui reste rare et qui intervient généralement lorsque les insectes se sentent en danger imminent. © Pixabay Two cyclists were violently attacked by hornets on Sunday, after pedaling near their nest. The two men were pricked fifty times each, and were hospitalized in absolute emergency. An attack that remains rare and generally intervenes when insects feel in imminent danger.

Sunday August 21, two cyclists were attacked by hornets in the Loire. As a mountain bike, they passed two meters from the nest of the hornets. The two men then underwent around fifty bites each. An impressive event, but which remains rare in France according to Éric Darrouzet. The researcher, a specialist in social insects, explains at the microphone of Europe 1 why the hornets reacted this way.

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Guardians who give alert

"When you approach a nest, you enter a dangerous area. In a nest of hornets or wasps, you have guards at the entrance to the nest who monitors what happens around and that will locate you very easily, very quickly, "said the researcher.

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it is these guards who give the alert. "The guardian is she who will estimate whether or not you represent a danger." When a person is in the buffer zone, five or ten meters from the nest, it is the gestures and the vibrations created that will represent a danger for insects. "And there, you are going to be attacked," says Éric Darrouzet.

According to the specialist in social insects, this is what happened to cyclists. Their bikes surely alerted the hornets when they were very close to the nest, explaining the number of bites. "It means that there were several workers in attack, several dozen," notes Éric Darrouzet. "It was necessarily near the nest."

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The researcher remains amazed at the number of bites that two men have suffered: "In general, people are stung once , ten times and people are running out. Fifty times, it's huge, "admits Éric Darrouzet.

In the aftermath of the attack, the two men are still hospitalized, in absolute emergency.

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