News: With "R.M.N.", director Cristian Mungiu portrays the vitrioli of a Xenophobic Romania

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multi -thoroughbred at the Cannes Film Festival, Cristian Mungiu left empty -handed from the 2022 edition with a film devoted to immigration to Romania.

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three times awarded in Cannes, with a golden palm for 4 months, 3 weeks, 12 days in 2007, Cristian Mungiu continues his analysis of the Romanian company with R.M.N. which comes out in theaters on Wednesday, October 19. The filmmaker is somewhat below expectations due to a lack of balance between the chronicle of a Romanian village taken in a rigorous winter, and the denunciation of the xenophobia that rages there.

Medical imaging

Mathias returns from Germany in his small Romanian village, after having fled his work, following a brawl in his business. He finds his son disturbed by an obsessive vision, his partner who takes care of it, his sick father, and his former mistress. When the local industrial bakery recruits foreigners, the population launches a petition to send them home. The apparent civil peace between Romanian, Hungarian and German communities in the village is broken.

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In all his films, Cristian Mungiu explores Romanian society. After abortion, the years that, religion, religion and education, he is now attacking xenophobia that plagues the country following the migratory wave of recent years. The title R.M.N. (I. R. M. in Romanian) designates the medical imagery of the brain of Mathias's father whom he regularly consults on his laptop. This representation of a degenerate brain could return to the deregulated Romanian software. But the acronym of the title also reminds of that of Romania, as on a mineralogical plate. He would then evoke a global Romania, through the particular case of this Romanian village. The record is not glorious.


starting on the mysterious vision of a frightened child in the forest, R.M.N. Then follows Mathias who finds his world and especially his son to whom he wants to devote himself. But he is embarrassed by the mother of the little one, his partner, when he prefers an ex-master. The film is somewhat bogged down in the chronicle of this snowy village, crossed by successive harmless anecdotes from which a fairly poor dramaturgy emerges. Why not ? But one wonders where Mungiu wants to come with this pearl necklace, with repetitive episodes. Until the background subject finally emerges: the radical opposition of the population to the presence of three foreigners in the village.

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This is the most interesting part of the film, with a remarkable municipal meeting scene, played by non -professional actors who improvise their text. But what imbalance in the construction and rhythm of the film. The final scene, with actors grimted in bears is quite ridiculous, and gives the blow of grace to what turns out to be the least good film of an exciting filmmaker.

The file

Genre: Drama

Director: Cristian Monggiu

Actors: Marin Grigore, Judith State, Macrina BaSrădeanu

Countries: Romania / France / Belgium

Duration: 2 H05

Exit: 19 October 2022

Distributor: The

Synopsis pact: a few days before Christmas, Matthias is back in his native village, Multiethnique, de Transylvanie, after leaving his job in Germany. He worries about his son, Rudi, who grew up without him, for his father, Otto, who remained alone and he wishes to see Csilla, his ex-girlfriend. He tries to get more involved in the education of the boy who has remained for too long his mother, Ana, and wants to help him surpass his irrational anxieties. When the factory that Csilla directs decides to recruit foreign employees, the peace of the small community is troubled, anxieties also gain adults. Frustrations, conflicts and passions are resurfaced, breaking the semblance of peace in the community.

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