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News: Notice to skiers: it is now prohibited from smoking on the tracks of Gets

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 Maas laid down Bundestag mandate - 22 -year -olds moved to The former Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has resigned his Bundestag mandate. On Wednesday, the member of the deputy confirmed on request that the SPD politician signed an explanation of the resignation of his mandate on December 31 at Bundestag President Bärbel BAS (SPD). Already on Tuesday, Maas explained his waiver of mandate at the SPD parliamentary group meeting. © Kay Nietfeld/dpa Heiko Maas (SPD) announced on Tuesday that he wanted to resign his Bundestag mandate.

Deux personnes faisant du ski à la montagne © PatrickBlaise de la part de Pixabay via Canva provided by MadmoiZelle Two people skiing in the mountains © Patrickblaise from Pixabay via Canva The measure took effect on December 17, Station opening date. The domain of Haute-Savoie, which defends an environmental interest as much as of public health, thus becomes a pioneer in Europe.

"We may be wiping criticism, but it goes in the direction of history" , says Benjamin Mugnier. The Commercial Director of Gets confided in Parisian on the ban on smoking set up on December 17 in this ski resort of Haute-Savoie . The Gets station is the first of Europe to prohibit the consumption of tobacco on the slopes.

Preserving the Environment

The concerns of Gets to defend this measure were not only in the order of public health, but also environmental. "The click is when we picked up 3,000 butts when cleaning the slopes, in the spring, with Mountain Riders" , explains Benjamin Mugnier. "A single Mégot pollutes up to 500 liters of water with 150 toxic substances. He takes fifteen years to break down. It's dramatic. Especially since any pollution that starts from the mountain descends to the sea , "adds Émilie Maisonnasse, in charge of the 2030 zero waste program within this environmental association.

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 29-euro subscription and 49-euro ticket: Information about cheap local transport in Berlin is already the 29-euro ticket, the successor to the 9-euro ticket. In the beginning it was only planned until the end of 2022. In the meantime, the Senate has extended it until the end of April. In addition, he wants to subsidize the social ticket more. But there was even more movement, the 49-euro ticket that is valid across Germany is within reach.

A public health issue

those who do not have to protect the planet may be sensitive to the benefits that this measure will have on their young neighbors in chairlifts. "It is more incitement to quit smoking. Besides, the cancer league helps us for this first in the station. and for non-smokers, in particular children , this will reduce the passive smoking in the queues or in the lifts ", specifies Benjamin Mugnier.

That the addicts reassure themselves, if they really have difficulty enduring the air of the mountain, they will always be able to smoke on the terraces of altitude restaurants, or in the 5 dedicated zones scattered on the estate. "At first", The station "counts on the self -regulation of skiers " to respect the ban on smoking everywhere else, but beware of the gendarmes who would continue on a red track to stick a fine.

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Photo Credit Olympic Games: © Patrickblaise from Pixabay via Canva.

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