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News: How similar are the brake shafts from Racing Point and Mercedes?

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Zwischen den beiden Systemen gibt es von außen betrachtet Ähnlichkeit © Giorgio Piola From the outside, there is similarity between the two systems

There have been critical comments since the beginning of the year about the new Racing Point RP20, which is said to be similar in many ways to the Mercedes from the previous year. But yesterday the next step followed: Renault has protested against the Bolid after the Grand Prix of Styria .

However, they did not denounce the general cloning, but concentrated on the front and rear brake ventilation. Renault believes that it has recognized enough similarity between the two brake vents to call them a copy.

At the rear of the car, the general design of the brake drum, the inlets, the vertical inner struts and the adjacent wings are pretty clear. In the front, however, there are usually major changes during a season, as the cooling is always adapted to the characteristics of the route.

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Racing-Point-Bremse © Giorgio Piola racing point brake

This means that the teams often have to change the configuration of the drum in order to balance the cooling and the aerodynamic requirements. The W10 from Mercedes was equipped with at least four different designs last year. However,

images show that Racing Point was at least on the road with a similar, if not the same, design as Mercedes. However, small geometric differences between the two shafts on the outside could be enough to appease the FIA ​​technical delegate.

Mercedes-Bremse © Giorgio Piola Mercedes brake

However, if the channels are identical on the inside, then Renault's case should strengthen, because only insider knowledge is possible.

would also be interesting if Mercedes should only provide one of its designs or all that was driven in 2019 as there are significant differences between them.

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brake shafts are incredibly complex in Formula 1 and have been listed as "listed parts" since this season. This means that teams cannot simply buy this component from other racing locations. The design of the brake shafts must be your own and must not come from competitors or third parties.

This also means that every team has the exclusive rights to such a part as long as it drives in Formula 1. No other team can use this then.

As a result of Renault's protest, the FIA ​​sealed and confiscated the relevant parts of Racing Point and commissioned an employee from the technical department to carry out an extensive analysis and then report to the commissioners.

This employee is authorized to request outside technical support, including from Racing Point, Renault and Mercedes.

Mercedes should also make its brake shafts from the 2019 season available, so that the technical department of the FIA ​​has a comparison.

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