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News: Ex-Justice Minister of Bavaria: Investigations into corruption apparently also against Sauter

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 Algeria: women in the street for their rights and against power Hundreds of women demonstrated in Algiers on Monday, demanding the repeal of the family code, as part of the International Women's Day, but also in the continuity of the pro-democracy movement of Hirak in full revival. Behind a banner stating "March 8, 2021: we went out for change, not to party", the procession left from rue Didouche-Mourad, the main thoroughfare in the city center, towards Place de la Grande Poste, emblematic meeting place of the Hirak.

The public prosecutor's office ordered raids in the Union's mask affair. According to reports, properties belonging to the CSU politician have been searched.

Der CSU-Landtagsabgeordnete Alfred Sauter – hier im Dezember 2018. © Photo: Imago Images / Zeppo The CSU member of the state parliament Alfred Sauter - here in December 2018.

The Union mask affair is widening: The Munich Public Prosecutor's Office also has a member in the corruption investigation against the Bundestag member Georg Nüßlein (formerly CSU) of the Bavarian state parliament included in the group of suspects.

The proceedings because of the initial suspicion of bribery and the bribery of elected officials had meanwhile been expanded to a total of five suspects, the investigating authority announced on Wednesday. The investigators did not provide any information on the name of the member of the state parliament.

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According to reports from "Spiegel" and the "Augsburger Allgemeine", the deputy is CSU parliamentarian Alfred Sauter, who was formerly Bavarian Minister of Justice and is the chairman of the finance commission on the CSU board. The Bavarian state parliament, the CSU state parliamentary group and the Sauters office did not want to confirm the reports on request.

The Munich Public Prosecutor's Office proceeded with a raid in the course of of the extended investigation . In cooperation with the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office, a total of ten objects in Munich and in the administrative district of Swabia were searched. According to the report of the "Augsburger Allgemeine", it concerns the private and business premises of the 70-year-old Sauter in Munich and in the Swabian district of Günzburg.

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Sauter had admitted that in his profession as a lawyer he had drafted the contract for , a multi-million dollar deal for a Hessian company with corona protective equipment with the Bavarian Ministry of Health. According to his own statements, however, he claims to have worked exclusively as a lawyer, not as a member of parliament. The CSU parliamentary group leader Thomas Kreuzer had asked Sauter to name the sum and details of the deal. But this refused.

Originally, the investigation was directed against Nüßlein, who is said to have collected six-figure commissions for arranging protective masks. He denies the allegations, in the meantime the former deputy parliamentary group leader of the CDU and CSU resigned from his party. (AFP)

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© provided by the L point confrontation between the China and the Western countries has increased on Friday on the fate of Muslims Ouighs of the Xinjiang, With new Beijing sanctions against British personalities and several foreign brands now immersed in the turmoil in the Chinese market.

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