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News: Charles Leclerc annoys: "Just not good enough"

SF90: LECLERC Parks Gifted Ferrari at Prince Albert

 SF90: LECLERC Parks Gifted Ferrari at Prince Albert © Motorsport Images Charles Leclecs Sieger Car from Monza is now in Monaco The Ferrari SF90, which Charles Leclec has recently received from his team, will be in the collection in the future from Prince Albert II in Monaco. "There he is in good hands," says Leclerc. "I did not have enough space in my living room, I have to expand something." Ferrari had given the mongeges a few days ago his car from the 2019 season, with which he had retracted his first two Formula 1 victories in Spa-Francorcha

Auf dem Bild sieht der Ferrari schneller aus, als er in Q3 war © Motorsport Images In the picture, the Ferrari looks faster than he was in Q3

after two fourth starting places previously comes the eighth starting place in Portimao ( Formula 1 2021 Live in the ticker ) for Charles Leclerc like a disappointment therefore. Up to Q3 it ran around for the Ferrari pilot and it could even qualify for medium for the last section, which brings him to a good starting position for the race. But in Q3 itself did not go together for him.

"That was just not good enough. I'm not so dangerous as I wanted," says the Monegasse with his tight second behind the top. "With Q2, I was very satisfied because I got through on the medium, which was not easy, but I have not achieved a good performance in Q3."

Brivio: Team radio biggest difference between F1 and MotoGP

  Brivio: Team radio biggest difference between F1 and MotoGP Alpine racing director Davide Brivio says the use of team radio is the biggest difference he has felt since leaving MotoGP for Formula 1 at the start of the year. © Charles Coates / Motorsport Images Davide Brivio, Racing Director, Alpine F1, and Esteban Ocon, Alpine F1 Brivio left his position running Suzuki’s MotoGP squad off the back of last year’s world championship victory to take up a senior F1 role with Alpine. The Italian serves as the racing director for Alpine, jointly running the outfit alongside executive director Marcin Budkowski following the restructuring of its management team.

There he had returned to the soft tires, with which he apparently did not lead so well. "I wanted to make everything perfect and got a little more at all curve inputs. At the end, a very bad lap time came out," says Leclerc.

as an important factor for this he makes the strong wind. "But that's not an excuse," as he emphasizes. "I could feel the wind, but I could not predict him. Some drivers could flow around and I just did not. My performance was just not good enough."

And so there was only rank eight for Leclerc, but a good starting position. "The medium tire is a good tire, and we are the first car in our area that starts on medium. Hopefully we can have a good start and do not lose too many positions because the tires are very difficult to warm up But be a better tire. "

sports director Laurent Mekies also hopes that Leclerc does not have to drive with the soft tires because he did not handle it on the whole weekend. "There is a good chance, but you never know what happens in the race."

It assumes that the medium starters will eventually drive with hard and stop only once. "The question is then: how slow is the hard mix of those who have then medium? It will be interesting as that develops," says Mekies, which at least the advantage of putting his two vehicles to different strategies.

As competitors on Sunday, he mentions mainly again McLaren, Alpine and Pierre Gasly. "Many will try to extend each other with the strategy," says Mekies.

Dieselgate: first condemnation of Volkswagen in France .
The Court of Appeal of Pau has just ordered the French subsidiary of Volkswagen to compensate the owner of a car from the German brand, in the case of dieselgate © Lodi Franck / SIPA Illustration of an exhaust pot.

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