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News: with option for two years: Gentner goes to the FC Lucerne

DieselGate: Why is Renault indicted for "deception"?

 DieselGate: Why is Renault indicted for © Amit Dave in a Renault vehicle storage area in Ahmedabad, in 2013. Renault was indicted in France in the survey of anti-pollution control fraud of the old generations of diesel engines, announced The manufacturer on Tuesday. Justice of the European Union had opened the end of 2020 to prosecution in France against automakers involved in the scandal of "dieselgate" , confirming the illegality of a Volkswagen software suspected of deceiving Antipollution controls.

Christian Gentner has found a new employer after his departure at the Football Bundesliga club Union Berlin. The 35-year-old midfielder signed a contract at FC Lucerne, as the first division from Switzerland announced on Friday. The two-time German champions with the VFB Stuttgart and the VFL Wolfsburg receives a contract until June 2022 with an option for another season. FC Lucerne has completed the past season in the Swiss Super League as the fifth and won national trophy competition.

Christian Gentner spielt den Ball. © Andreas Gora / dpa / archive image Christian Gentner plays the ball.

"With the FC Lucerne I found a club that convinced me about his way and his philosophy, and I look forward to the new challenge," Gentner becomes Quite quoted on the club's website. The former German international had spent the last two seasons in the Unionn and does not extend his expiring contract.

"Not the technical revolution hoped for by politics and the media": Why Frank Thelen does not see a future for hydrogen in cars .
are cars , which are operated with hydrogen , the solution for a climate-neutral future? "No," says Investor Frank Thelen . For the German entrepreneur, it is clear that in the hydrogen cars does not find the "technical revolution hoped by the policy and the media" for sustainable traffic, as the Magazine WirtschaftsWoche reported in an interview with the investor. Frank Thelen is one of Germany's most famous investors.

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