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News: Heritage Days: "Citizens demand more protection"

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Invité de Jean-Pierre Elkabbach sur Europe 1 et CNews, le spécialiste de l'histoire de l'architecture Alexandre Gady a souligné l'importance du travail de Stéphane Bern en faveur du patrimoine. Il a mis en avant les Journées européennes qui rassemblent tous les citoyens. © Europe 1 Guest of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach on Europe 1 and CNews, the specialist in the history of architecture Alexandre Gady stressed the importance of work Stéphane Bern in favor of heritage. He highlighted the European days that bring together all citizens.

Every year, it's an appointment that brings together millions of French. The European Heritage Days start this Saturday everywhere in France. In total, nearly 43,000 points of visits (palace, castles, museums ...) are accessible to all. A number that seems important, but relative for Alexander Gady, academic and specialist in the history of architecture. "When we see the richness of French heritage, the importance of inheritance, it is not so much that" says Jean-Pierre Elkabbach's microphone.

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"It has often been denounced in France a form of heritage protection, but often, citizens are more demanding," continues the academic. The author of Notre-Dame Book, the factory of a masterpiece highlights the French system, one of the best in the world. "The system of French historical monuments dates from the nineteenth century. It has a long history, a long experience, a long expertise," he says on Europe 1 and CNews.

"A form of extraordinary sharing"

and the academic to emphasize the popular attachment of the French to these annual days. "There is a form of extraordinary sharing. There is enthusiasm, many discoveries, many human meetings with volunteers. People are also looking for a soft identity. There is no Identity conflict, but a reappropriation of identity, "says Alexandre Gady.

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The historian of architecture believes that the success of these heritage days goes back to the second half of the twentieth century. All citizens find themselves in this event: "Rich people and poor people, right people, other left ... It's a very good cut of society," he explains.

Tribute to the action of Stéphane Bern

Alexandre Gady traces the history of the French monuments, which have not all been appreciated in their time in the image of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Pyramid or the Jacques- Museum Chirac. "Monuments have already divided. All intellectuals hated the Eiffel Tower at first! But this is not the case for most of the monuments we admire today."

The academic then paid tribute to the action of the Facilitator Stéphane Bern for the protection of heritage. "It takes financial, political and human investments. Thanks to Stéphane Bern, we could see the lotto of heritage. His work is important because the heritage must be embedded," says Alexander Gady.

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