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News: Bouhaddouz In the waiting stand: "progress", but no option

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  Tested: 2022 Genesis GV70 3.5T Makes a Bold Entrance Genesis's new GV70 compact SUV might be a little late but appears ready to steal a scene or two. From the October 2021 issue of Car and Driver.A memorable entrance can make up for lateness. Consider the GV70, Genesis's mid-size-SUV answer to everything from the BMW X3 to the Lexus RX350. Sure, it's a little tardy, but its compelling mix of luxury and performance with a competitive price appears to have been worth the wait. © Andi Hedrick - Car and Driver 2022 Genesis GV70 3.5T AWD Sport Prestige Mechanically, the GV70 borrows liberally from the G70 sports sedan.

On Saturday, the MSV Duisburg expects the same SV Meppen. Aziz Bouhaddouz will be missing.

Hofft auf eine Rückkehr nach der Länderspielpause: Aziz Bouhaddouz. © imago images / team 2 hopes for a return to the international break: Aziz Bouhaddouz.

MSV Duisburg awaits SV Meppen

Personnel Can Pavel Dotchev in the important game against the EMSL countries almost explained how he explained on Thursday, "Personnel are not so many construction sites". One is still open: Bouhaddouz. The striker "makes progress", emphasized Dotchev, but for Meppen he is not an option after his muscle fiber rupture in the thigh. The 34-year-old stood with athletic trainer Ruben Solis after ten days break for the first time in the square, he could not play yet.

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 fashion trend in autumn: these are the 5 most beautiful transitional jackets of H & M © Imaxtree Fashion trend alarm at H & M: These are the 5 most beautiful transition jackets Imaxtree The transitional period says according to Wikipedia article "The time span between the dry and rainy season and vice versa "And even if we do not lie in Germany in the Tropagürtel and know the transition from intense heat to violent heavy rain, we also notice the change of the seasons. Just as currently when the summer is slow, but certainly passed and makes the autumn .

"Zwickau can be a realistic goal," says Dotchev, to the FSV is after the country break on 16 October. For Chinedu Ekene (irritation in the ankle), the MSV coach could not give a water level message, it is "everything still open". Besides Bouhaddouz and Ekene only Rolf Fortscher is only due to its yellow lock.

"This task has been entrusted to me. The people expect that I can do the correction. "(Pavel Dotchev)

at least at home it has worked twice with a victory, but there are three outwards. Last this at Viktoria Cologne (2: 4), the "collective bad performance has totally surprised me," said Dotchev. But he is convinced that "that the team is able to overlay the counter. I am convinced that we will experience another team."

should also be the MSV to make a big restlessness in the environment. "I can not be satisfied," says Dotchev himself. "This task has been entrusted to me. People expect me to get the war." Again against Meppen?

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