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News: Lieberknecht: Spy should align greetings on Schalke

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After ten points from the past four games, the SV Darmstadt 98 drives with healthy self-confidence to FC Schalke 04.

Darmstadts Chefcoach Torsten Lieberknecht spricht von © imago images / Jan Huebner Darmstadt's Chef coach Torsten Lieberknecht speaks of "Hardfällen".

Darmstadt with self-confidence after Schalke

for the shared breakfast with the team, Co-coach Ovid Hajou on Friday even stood at the stove in the office and made scrambled eggs. The coaching team wanted to give the team a pattern example for a breakfast, said coach Torsten loving breeding. Background: Recently, the crew had had to spend a breakfast for the coaching rod, which was "very Spartan", according to Lieberknecht "Very Spartan".

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"We have already noticed that you should have respect before Schalke"

At breakfast you then analyzed the next opponent Schalke 04 (Sunday, 13.30 clock live! At Kicker). "These are the games why you have become a professional someday," said Lieberknecht in front of the duel at the spreadsheet. The lilies are after last three wins and a draw Sixster. "We have noticed that you should have respect in front of Schalke." But his team also drive with a healthy self-confidence to the Bundesliga relegated.

will not be there again Center Defender Lasse Sobiech, which suffers further to diffuse muscle complaints according to favorite. There are also Fabian Quickhardt (muscle bundle crack) and Tim Cracker. The latter makes great progress after his adductor surgery and now even completes the first parts of the training with the team.

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Gjasula before returning

to return to the team is expected to return Klaus Gjasula after surviving corona infection. On its header, Lieberknecht builds among other things among the Schalke standards. For the Albanian national player, Fabian Holland will probably go back from the defensive midfield on his ancestral left side. Then Emir Karic would have to give way.

Whether Benjamin Goller, who last an angina had thrown back against his ex-club, receives a chance on the right outer car, lender-linked open. Since there were last but neither Erich Berko nor Braydon Manu was completely convincing, speaks a lot for the 22 year old wing player.

Overall, Lieberknecht Personal can almost scoop out of full. "The decision becomes heavy," he said with a view of the nomination of the squad. "There are already hardening cases. But that's one of them."

Spy should align greetings on Schalke

that you take the lilies seriously, it also showed that Schalke sent a spy on public training to Darmstadt, as Loveknecht said. He had been the only one of three or four training guests on Thursday, who is very conspicuous behaved with the cell phone filmed and notes made. "We talked to him, which has driven him slightly reddenes his face," said the Lilien coach. "But we still allowed him to stay. He should only align a nice greeting."

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