News: PEGASUS software. Members of the European Commission would have been spied on

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Le bâtiment de la Commission européenne, à Bruxelles (Belgique), en 2015. Photo d’illustration. © Charles Josse / Archives Reuters The European Commission building, in Brussels (Belgium), in 2015. Illustration photo.

A letter dated July 25, 2022 and signed by the European Commissioner for Justice indicates that the latter's phone could have been spied on via the Pegasus software. Other members of the European executive are also concerned.

The European Commission found infiltration of mobile phones of its staff by


espionage software, which notably targeted the commissioner for justice Didier Reynders, indicates a letter that 'was able to consult AFP this Thursday, July 28, 2022. In this letter dated July 25 addressed to the European deputy Sophie In't Veld, Didier Reynders said he received an Apple alert in November 2021 Possible hacking of your smartphone by

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software, designed by the Israeli company NSO Group. Other members of the committee staff have received similar notifications.

Doubts remain These alerts have triggered an investigation, which did not allow

"confirm that Pegasus had succeeded in infecting the devices, personal or professional, of the commissioner"

to justice, nor of the other employees. But

"Several apparatus checks have led to the discovery of hacking indices", "it is impossible to attribute these indices to a specific author"

continues the letter, adding that.

The mail does not give more details on the results of the survey, still in progress. The Commission invokes security reasons not to communicate.

The spokesman for the European Commission, interviewed Thursday at a press briefing on this information, refused to say how many phones were affected. NSO said he was ready for "cooperate with any investigation to establish the truth", said a spokesperson for the company, stressing that "

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there has been no absolute evidence to date that 'An offense has taken place ”.

European countries use Pegasus

The letter from Commissioner Didier Reynders and his colleague Johannes Hahn (Budget and Administration) responds to a request for information from the Dutch MEP Sophie INT VELD (Renew Europe), reporter of the commission Investigation of the European Parliament on the use of Pegasus and other spy software against journalists, political figures or actors of civil society.

The European Commission has sent letters to Hungary, Poland and Spain with regard to their use of Pegasus, worrying about the respect of European rules on the protection of privacy. According to the Commission, Hungary and Poland have replied that the use of this software is

"national security"

and not European legislation, which Brussels disputes. Spain has not yet responded.

A surveillance organized in the European Parliament Furthermore, a Greek MEP and head of the socialist opposition party, Nikos Androulakis, filed a complaint on Tuesday with the Greek Supreme Court for an


for spying on his mobile phone By Predator, spy software similar to Pegasus.

X1 The attempt was discovered thanks to the service set up by the European Parliament to allow MEPs to control the possible presence of illegal supervision software in their telephone devices. X1

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