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1.9 billion euros to avoid lawsuits: Daimler wants to enclose diesel proceedings in the USA with comparisons

The group had reached an agreement with the US environmental authorities on the comparisons. Around 250,000 car owners are affected. © Photo: Marijan Murat / dpa Daimler wants to

Daimler wants to settle US diesel lawsuits with billions in payment

© Reuters / Andreas Gebert The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Germany Frankfurt (Reuters) - Daimler wants its ongoing diesel litigation with authorities and...

Smoothly in the points: Vettel's changed objectives

© Emilio Morenatti / AP / dpa Expects no miracles from his new Ferrari chassis: Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian Vettel looked at least quite calm behind his face mask. The suffering...

Ferrari and Renault ignite the next stage in the


Formula 1: After Silverstone disasters: Ferrari helps Vettel

After finishing 10th and 12th at the Grand Prix in Silverstone, Sebastian Vettel is said to receive a new chassis to rule out a technical problem on his Ferrari. The RTL reports.

How Ferrari reacts to Vettel's criticism

Formula E in Berlin: Günther in the first row

© Helmut Fohringer / APA / dpa / archive image The Formula E driver Maximilian Günther. Maximilian Günther missed his first pole position in the fully electric racing series in...

Hülkenberg depends on Vettel

Hamilton Fastest in Formula 1 final training

Vettel's bad luck persists - Hülkenberg expects an “exciting day”

© Frank Augstein / Pool AP / dpa The Scuderia Ferrari pit crew checks Sebastian Vettel's car at the end of the training session. Ferrari has to investigate Sebastian Vettel's...

Everything according to schedule: Mercedes shape looks "pretty good"

© Motorsport Images Mercedes once again burned the fastest laps in the asphalt on Friday Once Valtteri Bottas, once Lewis Hamilton, but always a double lead: Mercedes has the...

Toto Wolff plans to (re) sell his Williams shares

It was announced in June that Toto Wolff still owns five percent of the Williams team, but now he wants to sell his shares definitively It all started with an Tweet from Peter...

Carlos Sainz: Max Verstappen is the best driver of Formula 1

© LAT Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen were team-mates at Toro Rosso Although he may not have had the same success, Max Verstappen is in no way inferior to Lewis Hamilton , thinks