Ownership: When Should You Fight a Traffic Ticket?

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When Should You Fight a Traffic Ticket?© Provided by Road and Track When Should You Fight a Traffic Ticket?

When you get a traffic ticket, whether it's for speeding, rolling a stop sign, or any of the many other violations that get you ticketed, your first reaction may be to fight it. Considering how expensive tickets are these days, we understand. Add in the potential increase in insurance premiums, something as simple as missing a school zone sign could end up costing you hundreds of dollars.

But before you start trying to figure out how to fight your ticket, consumer protection attorney and R&T contributor Steve Lehto says you should first figure out whether it's worth fighting in the first place. If you legitimately didn't do what you're accused of, then Lehto says you should fight that ticket on principle. On the other hand, if you actually did the thing you got a ticket for, the decision a lot less clear cut.

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For example, if the officer gave you a break while writing the ticket (say, she clocked you doing 24 over but wrote the ticket for 11 over), you're less likely to get a similar deal when you go to court. But if the officer didn't do that, the judge may offer you the option of pleading guilty to a less expensive ticket.

For more information on whether or not a ticket is worth fighting, check out Lehto's latest podcast below:

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