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Ownership: Brake Tracks at the Automesse IAA

Automess: IAA wants to convince with a new concept

 Automess: IAA wants to convince with a new concept The Autausesse IAA should become the folk festival for mobility. The industry association VDA wants to achieve such a broader target group and counteract the loss of meaning. © dpa The Automesse IAA takes place 2021 with a new concept and for the first time in Munich. Anyone who visits the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) this year can test E-bikes in Munich's city of e-bikes, go to concerts, let themselves make up and discuss with climate activists.

After a long corona pause, the first major trade fair in Germany will be opened on 7 September: the new Automesse IAA Mobility in Munich.

Journalisten warten auf dem Gelände der Messe München. © Sven Hoppe / DPA Journalists are waiting for the site of the fair Munich.

But she "has not become so big as planned in front of the pandemic," says Fessenkef Klaus Dittrich. "That the IAA triggers half a billion sales, we will not come to this order of magnitude." So far, the ticket sales still runs back. But Dittrich expects "that demand before all in the ten days before the beginning will be significantly started».

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has already announced: After the last Bundestag meeting before the election, she wants to rise to the plane at midday at 14 o'clock the fair and then connect a short tour.

Automesse IAA Mobility: New location, new concept

 Automesse IAA Mobility: New location, new concept Visitors can test E cars, scooters and bicycles in the middle of the city: In Munich, the largest trade fair of the German car industry wants to reinvent itself. But Corona and climate activists make it difficult for her. © VDA IAA 2019. The International Automotive Exhibition IAA starts next week at the new location Munich with new concept as a transport trade fair IAA Mobility.

After a disappointing IAA 2019 in Frankfurt, the association of the automotive industry had resolved a reboot in Munich. Here, visitors should marvel at the new cars not only on exhibition stands, but also are allowed to drive - on roads and a highway between the exhibition center and the city center. Also with fuel cell or highly automated.

between Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz are presented cars, e-bikes and scooters, surrounded by concert stages and food stands - "a festival in the city", says Dittrich. However, fenced: "I assume that there will be a mask obligation and that we probably need an access control to avoid overcrowding."

place for 50 bicycle manufacturers and test portions

on the exhibition center will be quieter, despite about 1000 exhibitors. The industry giants Toyota, General Motors, the new Stellantis Group with Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen and Opel have canceled. Also from China are now less participants than expected: "Every exhibitor and visitor would have to be quarantined after the return for three weeks." In two halls there is room for 50 bicycle manufacturers and test trims.

Germany: Highly disputed, the automotive fair offers a new start in Munich

 Germany: Highly disputed, the automotive fair offers a new start in Munich © AFP - Christof Stache Hildegard Mueller, the President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry, at a conference on The Automobile Show (IAA Motor Show) in Munich, August 30, 2021. This Tuesday, September 7 opens the prestigious German automotive lounge, IAA, no longer in Frankfurt, as the tradition wanted , but now in Munich. The city is deemed safer by manufacturers to hold a very disputed lounge in the country.

Great attraction, the IAA also exercises climate protectioners and capitalism critics. Under the motto "# exit", the federal government for environmental and nature conservation, Greenpeace, the Bicycle Club ADFC and other associations to a bicycle demo. They expect more than 20,000 participants and demand less car traffic.

This is to other groups too little. "We plan unusual actions that provide more discussion," says Lisa Poettinger, student and spokeswoman of #noiaa and extinction rebellion. The Autolobby wool only electric cars rather than burners and continue to make profit at the expense of the climate. The "anti-capitalist Alliance No Future for IAA" invokes "actions of civil disobedience". "Smash IAA" calls: "Damn and expropriate autoconzernes!" "Sand in the transmission", whose activists at the 2019 IAA blocked the main entrance to the fair, wants to block car-free cities, free public transport and "IAA in their course".

VDA and exhibition society had invited critics to dialogue at the IAA. "Even peaceful protest is normal," says Dittrich. However, property damage or attacks on humans are unacceptable. In the decision of the VDA for Munich, safety was an essential factor. That the IAA in Munich was distributed over the whole city is an advantage, no one will be able to paralyze the IAA. And if the new concept is successful, then "will give 2023 an international run to the IAA».

Ferrari also put experiments on the brake system in Brazil Fort .
© Giorgio Piola The front brakes of Ferrari in an animated comparison Ferrari has last weekend at the Grand Prix of Sao Paulo in Brazil the evaluation of the new material and design of Formula 1 brake discs continued, the tested for the first time in Mexico. In addition, however, an asymmetric layout of the brake drums was used to meet the different challenges of the route of Interlagos.

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