Ownership: Why not only the profile decides with tires

Förderbank: KfW boss Stefan Wintels wants to be more than a crisis manager

 Förderbank: KfW boss Stefan Wintels wants to be more than a crisis manager © provided by Handelsblatt The KfW boss considers the consequences of the war in Ukraine to be "fundamental, structural and long-term" than at Covid. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = Wintels not only wants to save energy companies in need, but also promote future technologies and the sustainable conversion of the economy. Stefan Wintels knows about turbulent times. In the financial crisis, he was involved in the state rescue of money houses as an investment banker.

, especially before vacation trips, the car should be checked technically. A look also applies to the tires. You should not only have enough profile. They are better not too old either, advises the Dekra testization. From the age of seven, experts should take a close look at the tires.

Nicht nur auf Urlaubsfahrten gilt: Auch die Reifen sollten noch genug Profil und ein gewisses Alter nicht überschritten haben. © Robert Michael/DPA Central picture/DPA-TMN Not only on vacation trips: the tires should not have exceeded enough profile and a certain age.

Do you still have enough grip or has the rubber already hardened? Despite the sufficient remaining profile, this can happen far above the 1.6 legally required millimeters - especially for vehicles such as convertibles, trailers, campers and caravans. These usually do not come to high annual performance. Dekra advises against the use of tires older than ten years. Incidentally,

Hochstalters applies to special supporters

: The tires may be a maximum of six years old on supporters with an approval for 100 km / h. Otherwise you can only drive them for a maximum of 80 km/h. How old tires are can be read on a four-digit number of numbers on the dot number on the tire flank. For example, “3017” states that the tire was produced in calendar week 30 in 2017.

For safe operation, experts advise tires at a minimum profile of about three to four millimeters.

He has not been able to sell his house for 10 years because of an electric post .
© Pascal Huot/Pascal Huot - Stock.adobe.com An Enedis electric pole would be the cause of this confusion. The cadastre had to think that he was not on a sidewalk but on the field of Jean-François. is an ubiquitous story. Jean-François is Owner of a house with a 500 m² garden, in the city center of Lyon (69). Until then, nothing abnormal but, when he decides to separate from his property, 10 years ago, He notices an error on plans.

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