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How to Add Custom Car Horn Sounds to Your Vehicle

Because the normal horn sound is so boring.Bob Clagett from I Like to Make Stuff, added a custom set of car horns to his Land Cruiser by setting up a basic system that starts with

How to Choose the Right Car Tires

Buying car tires is easy. It's finding the right ones for your car that can be difficult. Get it wrong, and you can hobble your car's performance and its ability to tackle

Fall Is the Best Time to Buy Tires for Winter

It won’t be long before the snow starts falling in the northern states and the mountains. But no matter where you live, fall is a good time to check your tires, especially if you...

Here's Exactly When You Should Upshift for the Fastest Acceleration

Want to shift for the fastest 0-60 and quarter-mile time? Here's how to pick the right shift point for any car.As our man Jason in front of the camera explains, to get the...