Reviews: GZSZ: Martin is released, because someone gives him an alibi

24h Spa 2022: Pole for Lamborghini! Caldarelli destroys route record

 24h Spa 2022: Pole for Lamborghini! Caldarelli destroys route record Lamborghini at the 24h Spa 2022 is on pole position: Andrea Caldarelli in the Huracan GT3 EVO #6 from K-Pax Racing has secured the best starting place at the 74th edition of the Belgian long-distance classic. © provided by 24h Spa 2022: Pole for Lamborghini! Caldarelli destroys route record result Superpole Caldarelli in the Superpole session at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps destroyed the route record that Ferrari driver Antonio Fuoco had only set up in qualifying on Thursday

as TV Movie reports, something incredible happens on the Kiez. Even days after the fig attack on him, nihat apparently does not experience justice.

Martin has an alibi and may go

Toni it can hardly believe it when she learns from her colleagues from the district that Martin has an alibi. At the time when Nihat was ambushed with a wooden plate, he is said to have helped a friend from his homeless time to fill out an application. "You let him go," Toni Lilly and Erik (Patrick Heinrich) have to explain. A shock!

Toni (Olivia Marei) kommt auf dem Kolle Kiez nicht zur Ruhe. RTL / Pascal Bünning © provided by Oh My Mag Toni (Olivia Marei) does not come to rest on the Kiez. RTL / Pascal Bünning GZSZ: Erik speaks a serious threat from

Toni and Erik finally face Martin and ask him politely but determined to buy a ticket and leave the city. "Whatever you make up with Lilly, it won't happen," says Toni clearly. However, Martin doesn't think about turning his back on the neighborhood. After all, Erik is finally enough and he speaks an obviously serious threat: If Martin does not disappear, he would do the same to him as this nihat. As Martin decides, you will soon see bad times on RTL and RTL+at good times.

Marc Surer: Fernando Alonsos Speed ​​could let up in one or two years

 Marc Surer: Fernando Alonsos Speed ​​could let up in one or two years © Motorsport Images Fernando Alonso is currently the oldest driver in Formula-1 Formula 1 expert Marc Surer, why Alpine Fernando Alonso Wanted to give a one -year contract for 2023 with an option for another season in 2024 and not a multi -year contract, as Alonso has now found and signed it with Aston Martin. "The clock is ticking at Alonso. It may be able to continue in this form for a year or two.

Good times bad times is the first German daily soap and has been on the air since May 11, 1992. Fun Fact: according to are always in operation during production. The set is illuminated with over 450 headlights. In two studios there are at least 30 fixed sets on different levels and almost 2000 square meters and over 20 constantly changing decorations.

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GZSZ-Martin | Kidnapping: the nightmare is really true! .
The Drama around Martin (Oliver Franck) and Lilly (Iris Mareike Steen) is heading at "Good times, bad times" . And from evil premonitions and nightmares becomes reality: Martin prepares everything to kidnap Lilly! © Rolf/ Rolf Baumgartner Nihat-Lilly wedding GZSZ: Lilly has a premonition First of all, there are only premonitions and nightmares: at night, Lilly scares out of sleep because she believes that she is observed by Martin.

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