Reviews: petrol and diesel in Germany much more expensive than in neighboring countries

Federal Government: Criminal tax for diesel & petrol engine is planned

 Federal Government: Criminal tax for diesel & petrol engine is planned The federal government is apparently currently planning a penalty tax for diesel and petrol engines. The details. © Elcovalana/iStock cars in traffic jam, fog due to exhaust gases from 2035 is supposed to disappear from the streets. In July 2021, the European Commission agreed that car manufacturers no longer be allowed to sell new cars with a diesel or petrol engine- We reported .

Wiesbaden. Since the tank discount leaked, the fuel prices have passed even further. Especially in Germany, people have to dig deep into their pockets. In contrast, the fuel is significantly cheaper in the adjacent EU countries.

Eine Frau tankt in einer Tankstelle in Baden-Württemberg. (Symbolbild) © Marijan Murat A woman rumbles in a gas station in Baden-Württemberg. (Symbol image)

After the so-called tank rabbit has expired, fuel prices have attracted fuel prices in Germany and, according to , are higher than in the direct EU neighboring states. As the authority in Wiesbaden announced, petrol was currently cheaper than at the end of May, shortly before the energy tax is temporarily reduced to fuels. Diesel, on the other hand, is more expensive than before the tank rabbit was introduced.

Fuel prices overseas: "A delivery to the pump would not be luxury, but a principle of equality"

 Fuel prices overseas: © Richard Bouhet/AFP The Géant Gazier and Totalenergies Petroleum announced last Friday a discount of 20 cents of euros per liter of fuel. Good news, but who questions the deputy for Reunion Frédéric Maillot (Democratic and Republican left - Nuts) who wonders if the overseas will be affected by the discount. This is an advertisement that has something to delight the French and, perhaps, relieve their wallets.

The statistics office resorted to data from the EU and the market transparency center for fuel at the Federal Cartel Office (MTS-K) for its evaluation. The latter are based on nationwide price reports of almost 15,000 publicly accessible petrol stations for fuel types E5, E10 and Diesel. According to this, the liter E5 cost an average of 2.07 euros on September 5. It was similarly high on the same day in Denmark (2.04 euros) and in the Netherlands (2.01 euros). The cheapest was fuels in Poland, where an average of 1.38 euros per liter E5 and 1.61 euros were due for diesel.

in Germany. The petrol stations on September 5 requested average 2.16 euros per liter of diesel. In the Denmark known for high diesel prices, it was 9 cents less than in Germany at 2.07 euros, 11 cents less in the Netherlands, i.e. 2.05 euros. In all other neighboring EU countries-Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria and the Czech Republic-fuels were significantly cheaper on average.

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