Reviews: Beatrice of York: Ascent in the succession of the throne: It may represent King Charles

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II. († 96) brings with it some changes. Beatrice from York (34) is also affected because it moves to ninth place in the succession of the throne, which enables her to perceive a special task.

Beatrice von York © Dave Benett/Getty Images for the National Gallery Beatrice from York Beatrice from York: She is "Counstellor of State"

The oldest daughter of Prinz Andrew (62) is now A "POSSELSELOR OF State", as "" reports, citing "The Times". For the 34-year-old, this means that from now on King Charles III. (73) may represent on official occasions.

King Charles III.: These royals may represent the king

The situation is legal that this privilege of Queen Consort, i.e. Queen Camilla (75), and the next four people in the succession to the throne is granted that are over 21. With this "overtaken" Beatrice of York, although she is in nine of the succession to the throne, the children of Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (40) Prinz George (9) Princess Charlotte (7) and Prinz Louis (4) Likewise as well as Prince Harrys (37) and Duchess Meghans (41) Young talent: Archie (3) and Lilibet (1).

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So who can represent the king? In addition to Camilla, Prince William can step in, as can Prince Harry and Prince Andrew. Prince William and King Charles III. But if possible-because after the abuse scandal around the 62-year-old, they have made it clear several times that Prince Andrew will no longer play a public role for the British royal family.

Prince Harry: He could be a special case

Since you, as a "POSSELSELOR", not only have to be a member of the British family, but also have to live in Great Britain, Prince Harry should not play a role - he lives with his family in the USA.

was introduced to regulate a representation of the king in order to avoid delays and to be able to intercept short absences of the regent. But the king cannot delegate every task to its representatives. In matters that affect the Commonwealth or the appointment of the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister, there is an absolute top priority.

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Even if the representation of King Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are probably not considered with inquiries - the royal family wants to present itself as a permanent unit during the funeral. The Royals have been demonstrating this for a few days. So Prince William performed with his brother Harry and his wife in front of Windsor Castle to visit the mourners there. And Prince Andrew is said to be in the funeral .

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