Reviews: stock package sold: BUND is starting at Lufthansa-with 760 million euros profit

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Nach zwei Jahren ist der Bund bei der Lufthansa wieder ausgestiegen Foto: dpa © provided by Wirtschaftswoche After two years, the federal government at Lufthansa has released photo: dpadata portal copyright =

around Lufthansa in times of corona Saving crisis, the federal government supported the airline through stabilization measures. Now the participation has ended.

After a good two years, the federal government at Lufthansa got out again - with a stately profit. The state economic stabilization fund (WSF) placed the remaining 74.4 million Lufthansa shares on Tuesday evening for a total of 455 million euros, the federal financial agency said. The WSF had saved the airline in the Corona crisis in 2020 with silent deposits and a share participation of 20 percent. With the sale of the shares, the WSF redeemed a total of 1.07 billion euros. The bottom line was that a profit of 760 million euros was left, the finance agency calculated. Lufthansa had already repaid the silent insoles in autumn 2021.

Aviation: Lufthansa floor staff is on strike on Wednesday-offered "at the front and behind not"

 Aviation: Lufthansa floor staff is on strike on Wednesday-offered © provided by Handelsblatt A first tariff offer from Lufthansa had rejected Verdi. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = shortly before the next round of negotiations in early August Verdi increases the pressure. Passengers have to prepare for flight cancellations and delays. The all -clear kept briefly. As soon as the Frankfurt airport operator Fraport had reported ordered processes on the first major holiday weekend in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, a strike day announced.

"With this gratifying balance, the participation of the WSF ends and the company is back in private hands," said the outgoing head of the finance agency, Jutta Dönges, who is responsible for the WSF. The stabilization of Lufthansa is thus completed. The state increases earlier when it had set itself the goal: Actually, the WSF should only sell the remaining shares until autumn 2023.

The last package of 6.2 percent placed Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs at a price of 6.11 euros per share. That is 3.4 percent less than the Xetra closing course from Tuesday of 6.32 euros. At the end of July, the federal government had already reduced its share to less than ten percent, since then it has apparently thrown further shares onto the market in smaller quantities and reduced the proportion.

Collective bargaining for Lufthansa flooring staff continued

 Collective bargaining for Lufthansa flooring staff continued After the nationwide warning strike of the Lufthansa floor staff, the Verdi union and the company are talking to each other again. Accompanied by protests by some employees, the delegations met on Wednesday at Frankfurt Airport for the third round of the collective bargaining. © Hannes P. Albert/dpa Participant in the rally on the way to the negotiations. The Verdi union demands 9.5 percent more money for around 20,000 Lufthansa employees on the ground.

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