Reviews: War in Ukraine: After the discovery of the mass grave of Izioum, the presidency of the EU wants a court for war crimes

Förderbank: KfW boss Stefan Wintels wants to be more than a crisis manager

 Förderbank: KfW boss Stefan Wintels wants to be more than a crisis manager © provided by Handelsblatt The KfW boss considers the consequences of the war in Ukraine to be "fundamental, structural and long-term" than at Covid. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = Wintels not only wants to save energy companies in need, but also promote future technologies and the sustainable conversion of the economy. Stefan Wintels knows about turbulent times. In the financial crisis, he was involved in the state rescue of money houses as an investment banker.

the next day of the macabre discovery of a mass grave at Izioum , the Czech Presidency of the EU decided to react on Saturday by calling for the creation of an international tribunal for war crimes, after the discovery of hundreds of bodies near Izioum, a city taken over from the Russians in Ukraine. "In the 21st century, such attacks against the civilian population were unthinkable and odious, said on Twitter on Saturday the Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky, whose country ensures the rotating presidency of the European Union. We must not go beyond. We are for the punishment of all war criminals. I call for the rapid creation of a special international tribunal. "

"Hau off" and "Warrior": whistle against Robert Habeck when appearing in Bayreuth

 Economic Minister Robert Habeck defended the Federal Government's course in Ukraine policy against loud protests. The Greens politician made it clear on Thursday evening at a citizens' dialogue in Bayreuth with a view to increased increased energy prices that Germany should not tolerate the Russian attack war against Ukraine despite financial disadvantages. Ukraine had helped to resist arms to the aggressor.

The Ukrainian authorities reported on Friday of "450 corps of civilians bearing traces of violent death and torture" buried in a wood on the outskirts of Izioum. “There are several bodies with hands linked behind their backs and a person is buried with a rope around his neck. Obviously, these people have been tortured and executed, ” said regional governor Oleg Synegoubov on Telegram. On site, Liberation could see, between the pines of the forest, several rows of aligned cross and the bodies of civilian victims .

According to the Ukrainian human rights officer, Dmytro Loubinets, there were "probably more than 1,000 Ukrainian citizens tortured and killed in the released territories of the Kharkiv region". As for the Ukrainian police chief, Igor Klymenko, he announced the discovery of ten "torture rooms" in localities included in the Russians in the Kharkiv region, including six in Izioum.

Tomorrow belongs to us (Spoiler): William makes an crucial announcement, an amazing discovery for Roxane on TF1

 Tomorrow belongs to us (Spoiler): William makes an crucial announcement, an amazing discovery for Roxane on TF1 provided by all TV Samuel ( Axel Kiener ) is under tension in Tomorrow belongs to us . Since obtaining the stud farm by the inheritance of Solange, the doctor has only been chaining the problems. The poisoning of Anne-Marie ( Veronique Jannot ) is the ultimate example to date. Several suspects have been identified. Among them is Cédric Diallo. In the next episodes, broadcast on Friday August 5, 2022 on the antenna of TF1, the nurse is in critical condition.

"The world must react"

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced in a video posted Friday on Telegram the crimes of a Russian army made up of "murderers" and "torturers", and promised them an " Terribly just punishment ”. The announcement of this macabre discovery raised a new wave of indignation in the West, a little more than five months after the Russian army, driven out of kyiv, had left hundreds of corpses of civilians behind many of which carried traces of summary torture and executions, especially in the locality of Boutcha .

Exhumation de centaines de corps qui ont été enterrés pendant l’occupation russe, à Izioum, en Ukraine le 16 septembre 2022. © supplied by Liberation Exhumation of hundreds of bodies which were buried during the Russian occupation, in Izioum, Ukraine on September 16, 2022.

"The world must react to all this. Russia repeated in Izioum what it had done at the endcha, " said Zelensky in a video message on Friday evening, welcoming that the UN announced to dispatch a team on the spot to join the Ukrainian investigation. The United States and the European Union have expressed their indignation, holding the Russian management responsible. "Russia, its leaders and all those involved in continuous violations of international law and international humanitarian law in Ukraine will have to account," said on Friday the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, in a statement.

Thursday, even before the discovery of Izioum's tombs and mass graves, the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen had wished the appearance of Russian president Vladimir Putin before the international justice for war crimes. US President Joe Biden once again warned his Russian counterpart against the use of chemical or nuclear weapons in Ukraine. "It would change the course of war, like never since the Second World War," warned the American leader on Friday evening in an interview with CBS. "Do not do it, don't do it, don't do it", has enjoined Biden, promising an "substantial" response from the United States if this step was to be taken.

Aufichtrat provides Hessian energy boss Schaller .
Waldeck-Frankenberg. The managing director of an energy supplier from Northern Hesse has observed the choice of sham on Ukraine. The supervisory boards were not very enthusiastic about it. Now followed. © Uncredited A man in the Luhansk region releases his vote in a provisional accommodation. because he accompanied the sham-speaking areas of Ukraine as election observers in Russian, the managing director of the North Hessian supplier Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg (EMF) was released.

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