Reviews: land holds on mask in local transport: More rules possible

study sees the increase in traffic: Nine-euro ticket brings "no clear climate part"

 study sees the increase in traffic: Nine-euro ticket brings drivers, despite the nine euro ticket, hardly switch to public transport. This is the result of a study by the Agora Traffic turnaround. © Photo: dpa/Christoph Soeder Passengers rise from a regional express at Berlin Central Station. According to the first scientific evaluations, the nine euro ticket does not lead to many people to leave their car.

The Brandenburgers must also wear a mask in public buses and trains in the next few weeks. The cabinet decided on Tuesday a new infection protection regulation that extends the current basic measures by October 28.

Ein Mann hält eine FFP2-Maske in der Hand. © Sebastian Kahnert/DPA central picture/dpa/symbol image A man holds an FFP2 mask in the hand.

exceptions to mask obligation in local transport apply to children under the age of six as well as deaf and hard of hearing. Employees in the health and social sector must continue to be tested for the coronavirus if they are not fully vaccinated or demonstrably recovered.

The state government can decide sharper rules if necessary. The federal government has created the legal basis for this. A mask obligation in restaurants and shops would be possible, for example. However, the state government is currently not considered necessary.

consumer advice for 9-euro tickets

 consumer advice for 9-euro tickets want the consumer advice centers against price increases for buses and lanes and urge a follow-up offer for the 9-euro tickets in local transport. The boss of the Federal Association (VZBV), Ramona Pop, told the dpa: "It is important that both are retained: a inexpensive and simple model and that you can drive with it nationwide." © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/DPA There is still no successor solution for the 9-euro ticket that expires from September.

"In the hospitals, the Corona situation is still manageable, which is why we will hold on to the previous basic measures for the time being," said Minister of Health Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens). "But the Corona pandemic is not over yet." She recommended wearing a mask in publicly accessible rooms with public traffic to protect yourself and others from infections, regular ventilation and eighth for hygiene.

The warnamps as the basis for possible sharper corona rules change. The focus is on the situation in hospitals. There is no longer any threshold for the seven-day incidence, since the Corona variants cause different disease loads.

A new indicator is the increase in the number of COVID 19 patients in hospitals with a threshold of 1000. For the number of new hospital patients with Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants in one week, the warning value will be higher in the future: between 7 and 10 instead of between between 3 and 6. In addition, there is the proportion of free intensive care beds with a warning value between 12 percent and 15 percent. So far, the proportion of intensive care beds occupied with Corona patients has been shown.

everything back at the beginning of the 49-euro ticket? .
Berlin. The 49-euro ticket is scheduled to come on April 1st. But whether the appointment will be kept is still unclear. The funding is being struggled again - and some of them are now targeting Transport Minister Wissing. The 49-euro ticket should come. April 1st is targeted. But now the financial issues are back on the center. As far as finances are concerned, one seems to be at the beginning.

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