Reviews: 9-euro ticket, housing benefit, gas price: On Wednesday at MPK

First German city leads 3-euro ticket an

 First German city leads 3-euro ticket an From September the 9-euro ticket will be abolished throughout Germany. But a city defends itself against the step - and counters with its own action. © Justhavenalook/Istock Children in front of bus stop For two months, commuters, families, students and trainees as well as everyone else who have switched to the train since the discount, have been enjoying the advantages of the 9-euro tickets.

The heads of government will come together for a special conference in Berlin on Wednesday (12.45 p.m.). The topic of the Prime Minister Conference (MPK) is the planned third relief package against the consequences of the energy crisis.

MPK: NRW-Ministerpräsident Hendrik Wüst (l.) und die Berliner Bürgermeisterin Franziska Giffey (r.). © AFP MPK: NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (left) and the Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey (right).

, unlike originally intended, there will be no federal-state talks with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) afterwards. The Chancellor asked him to postpone these consultations to October 4, the MPK chairman, North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) , had surprisingly informed Tuesday.

regionally for 29 euros and nationwide for 49 euros: Greens suggest successor duo for 9-euro ticket in front of

 regionally for 29 euros and nationwide for 49 euros: Greens suggest successor duo for 9-euro ticket in front of Two cheap tickets should replace the 9-euro ticket. In order to cover the high costs, the Greens want to stamp the company car privilege. © Photo: dpa/Angelika Warmuth The 9-euro ticket is only valid until the end of August. in the debate about a succession plan for the 9-euro ticket, which only applies until the end of August, Greens politicians propose a regional ticket for 29 euros and a nationwide ticket for 49 euros a month.

MPK: Consultations with Chancellor Olaf Scholz due to Corona postponed to October 4th

as well as government circles in Berlin, Scholz would like to personally take part in the consultations. This was currently not possible for the Chancellor due to his corona -related insulation, said Wüst. The state bosses still wanted to come together to work on solutions.

"We quickly need substantial relief so that the worst social toughness can be removed noticeably in winter with increasing prices," said Wüst of the German Press Agency in Düsseldorf. "The federal states expressly extend the bundle so that a common signal of hope for many people can occur promptly." He hoped that the red-yellow-green federal government will end their internal dispute in good time, "so that we can help together effectively can ”, emphasized the CDU politician.

consumer advice for 9-euro tickets

 consumer advice for 9-euro tickets want the consumer advice centers against price increases for buses and lanes and urge a follow-up offer for the 9-euro tickets in local transport. The boss of the Federal Association (VZBV), Ramona Pop, told the dpa: "It is important that both are retained: a inexpensive and simple model and that you can drive with it nationwide." © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/DPA There is still no successor solution for the 9-euro ticket that expires from September.

The MPK chairmanship of North Rhine-Westphalia expires at the end of the month and then passes to Lower Saxony. Wüst will be co-chair of the country round in October. On Wednesday afternoon, he wants to report on the results of the MPK together with the current co-chair, Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD).

MPK: Dispute over the third relief package of the traffic light coalition in the energy crisis

The Federal Government had presented a 65 billion euro third-party third-party relief package as compensation for rapidly increasing prices. This includes one -off payments for pensioners and students as well as a price cover for a basic requirement of electricity. The federal government offers money for an follow-up offer of the 9-euro ticket -if the countries co-finance this.

The financing issues have not yet been resolved between the federal and state governments. The prime ministers vehemently defend themselves against too high costs and criticize the style of the traffic light coalition in their serve that has not been discussed with the countries. Individual countries were already threatened with blockages in the Federal Council.

Four teachings for a better public transport after the 9-euro ticket

 Four teachings for a better public transport after the 9-euro ticket for three months, millions of people traveled with the 9-euro ticket in buses and regional trains all over Germany. At the end of August, the special ticket ended, which was originally supposed to relieve the inflation -stored consumers. Whether there will be a follow -up offer is currently being discussed with heated. However, some teachings can already be pulled out of time in order to improve public transport (public transport).

"We will provide many billion euros to relieve the economy and especially those people who are particularly hard affected," said DPA Wüst. "When financing the package, there must be a fair load distribution so that countries and municipalities can meet their own responsibility in this crisis."

MPK: Open questions for housing benefit, 9-euro ticket and consequences of the Russian War

The load division should be clarified both in the planned increase and expansion of the housing benefit as well as in the additional requirement of hospitals as a result of increasing energy and material costs. This also applies to a "clear liability" for the expansion of regionalization funds for buses and trains promised by the Federal Government last year as well as for the financing of refugee costs.

The consequences of Russia's war against Ukraine are diverse on site. "We are therefore guilty of a fair division of the loads not least to the cities, municipalities and circles on site," warned the MPK chairman.

MPK: Care for too great disputes in financing issues in the countries

of the SPD parliamentary group vice in the Bundestag, Achim Post, warned in the "Rheinische Post" (Wednesday) of "getting bogged down in financing issues", quick relief for the Citizens. "In my view, the fact that the countries are now also contributing to financing is a matter of course, especially since the federal tax revenue in relation to which the federal states have recently decreased."

The Saarland Prime Minister Anke Rehlinger (SPD) told the newspaper, the dispute Between the federal and state governments must stop. "We will need a massive fourth relief package, which mainly gets medium -sized businesses and energy -intensive companies from the edge of the abyss." (Dpa)

49 euro ticket: So much you save in Cologne with the Germany ticket .
in a few weeks: then the 49-euro ticket should start. Travelers then no longer have to research meticulously before starting driving, which ticket they need in which transport association, but can use local transport with just one ticket throughout Germany.

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