Reviews: Samsung shows the prototype of a tablet with extendable screen

Passenger drone V-MO: VW presents chic flight taxi prototype in front of

 Passenger drone V-MO: VW presents chic flight taxi prototype in front of VW has presented an electrically powered flight taxi that starts and ends up vertically. V-MO is the first prototype of a planned passenger drone, which in future will transport four people over a distance of up to 200 kilometers. © Volkswagen AG V-MO-drone: Flugtaxi from VW. in February 2021 it became known that VW in China in China the development of flight taxis test .

Samsung Ausziehbares Display © provided by Dr. Windows Samsung pull -out display

we can still find out whether and in what form computers or laptops with a foldable screen can be useful, because Samsung comes with another innovation around the corner (which is no longer so new) and presented the prototype of a pull -out screen.

on the keynote of the Intel Innovation Day 2022 JS Choi, the CEO of Samsung Display, had a guest appearance. It demonstrated a tablet with a screen diagonal of 13 inches that could be enlarged to 17 inches by moving out the screen (a recording is available on the Intel website , the demo mentioned here begins at 51:10).

As mentioned, it is a prototype, so there is still no specified devices or even a prospect of when they could come onto the market. The technology may also be a bit away from series production.

the idea is not that new. Microsoft already patented the design of a device with a folding and extendable screen in 2018, i.e. another year before Samsung officially opened this device category with the Galaxy Fold, so to speak. LG also showed a “roll -up” television years ago, the pull -out screen goes in the same direction, because here the extended part is rolled around the corner, so to speak.

Motorola’s newest smartwatch isn’t at all what you’d expect .
Motorola has come a long way from designing the exquisite Moto 360 to unveiling the uninspiring, boring-looking Moto 70 smartwatch.The Moto 70 features a 1.69-inch color display with a 240 x 280-pixel resolution. While we don’t know if the display is LCD or AMOLED, the case it’s housed in is zinc alloy. You’ll get a silicone watch band bundled with the device. As for other features, the Moto 70 sports heart-rate tracking alongside a SpO2 sensor and a gyroscope. Fitness features onboard include 23 sports modes.

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