Reviews: F1: Hamilton authorized to keep his piercing in Singapore but Mercedes receives a fine of 25,000 euros

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Lewis Hamilton's nose stud has been under scrutiny all season © Mohd Rasfan Lewis Hamilton's Nose Stud Has Been Under Voterie All Season

Lewis Hamilton will be allowed to continue his piercing in the nose during the Grand Prix de Singapore for medical reasons, but his team was sentenced to a fine of 25,000 euros on Sunday for having failed to inform the commissioners.

Mercedes was inflicted this penalty by the director of Formula 1, the FIA, for having submitted a form indicating that the British pilot had removed all his jewelry and piercings in accordance with the regulations.

"In fact, Hamilton had withdrawn the piercing before the competition. The team supposed, without inquire with Hamilton, that he had followed or would follow the same procedure for this event," said FIA commissioners in their decision.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff: "We can win that"

 Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff: © Motorsport Images George Russell in the Mercedes W13 in qualifying in Hungary 2022 Mercedes is in the front of the Formula 1 starting time, for the first time in the 2022 season And on a racetrack on which overtaking is classified as "difficult or impossible".

"The commissioners accept that the declaration error in this case was not intentional or deliberate. In these circumstances, we inflict a fine of 25,000 euros on the team", specifies the text.

The seven -time world champion, who will go in 3rd position on the grid on Sunday, told journalists that he was once jewel on the advice of doctors after suffering from an infection when he had withdrawn.

"I had my jewelry and my nose piercing for years and obviously we had all this agitation at the beginning of the year," said Hamilton, in reference to the FIA ​​decision to strictly apply this Season The rule prohibiting pilots from keeping their jewelry in their car.

Le pilote britannique de Formule 1 Lewis Hamilton au Grand Prix de Singapour, le 1er octobre 2022 © Lillian Suwanrumpha The British Formula 1 Pilot Lewis Hamilton at the Singapore Grand Prix, on October 1, 2022

"They gave me an exemption for many races so that I could find a solution," said Hamilton.

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"I tried to put it and remove it. It infected because of that. I had a blood bulb and a wound on the nose. That's all I told them before qualifications, "he added.

"I have put it back in place and these last two weeks, it has started to heal and the doctors asked me to keep it," said Stevennage native.

For Hamilton, the fact that his jewelry is now pose such a problem is "a little silly", even if the rule prohibiting pilots from carrying it has been around for decades.

"One of the best excuses that I was given for a long time ago and that if you are in a fire, the metal drives heat," he said.

"But our zipper is made of metal, the loop around our helmet is made of metal, we have wires with aluminum metal in it," continued Hamilton.

"It's crazy that we had to talk about something so small. It's a bit silly. Hopefully they will be reasonable," said the 37 -year -old pilot.

"The commissioners should be there to ensure our security, it is the most important. But it is not a security problem," he deplored.


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