Reviews: Agreement on successor to nine-euro ticket continues to depend on financing questions

regionally for 29 euros and nationwide for 49 euros: Greens suggest successor duo for 9-euro ticket in front of

 regionally for 29 euros and nationwide for 49 euros: Greens suggest successor duo for 9-euro ticket in front of Two cheap tickets should replace the 9-euro ticket. In order to cover the high costs, the Greens want to stamp the company car privilege. © Photo: dpa/Angelika Warmuth The 9-euro ticket is only valid until the end of August. in the debate about a succession plan for the 9-euro ticket, which only applies until the end of August, Greens politicians propose a regional ticket for 29 euros and a nationwide ticket for 49 euros a month.

A specific plan for a succession plan for the nationwide nine euro ticket is still opposed to the dispute in financing issues. At the federal-state meeting in Berlin on Tuesday evening, the Federal Government and Prime Minister could not agree. "There are different ideas about the specific path and the respective financial responsibility in the federal and state governments," says the corresponding session decision.

Einem konkreten Plan für eine Nachfolgeregelung für das bundesweite Neun-Euro-Ticket steht weiterhin der Streit in Finanzierungsfragen entgegen. Beim Bund-Länder-Treffen in Berlin konnten sich Bundesregierung und Ministerpräsidenten nicht einigen. © Ina Fassbender A concrete plan for a succession plan for the nationwide nine-euro ticket is still opposed to the dispute in financing issues. The federal government and prime ministers could not agree at the federal-state meeting in Berlin.

The Transport Minister of the federal and state governments had already agreed in mid -September that there should be a succession scheme for the low -cost ticket offered in the summer months from January 1st. There is also an agreement for the shared financing between the federal and state governments, but the federal states also require further increase in regionalization funds for local transport. This should also better tie rural areas.

consumer advice for 9-euro tickets

 consumer advice for 9-euro tickets want the consumer advice centers against price increases for buses and lanes and urge a follow-up offer for the 9-euro tickets in local transport. The boss of the Federal Association (VZBV), Ramona Pop, told the dpa: "It is important that both are retained: a inexpensive and simple model and that you can drive with it nationwide." © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/DPA There is still no successor solution for the 9-euro ticket that expires from September.

Here the Federal Government continued to meet at the Prime Ministers' Conference (MPK): "From the perspective of the countries (...), an increase in regionalization means for quality improvement and with regard to the massive energy price increases," said in the MPK- Decision.

"It must not happen that we have a solution for the ticket in the end, but because otherwise the money is no longer there in public transport, we have to thin out bars or hire lines," said the Nordhrein-Westphalian Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) . According to the decision, the federal transport ministers and the federal states should now meet again in order to "get a result promptly".


everything back at the beginning of the 49-euro ticket? .
Berlin. The 49-euro ticket is scheduled to come on April 1st. But whether the appointment will be kept is still unclear. The funding is being struggled again - and some of them are now targeting Transport Minister Wissing. The 49-euro ticket should come. April 1st is targeted. But now the financial issues are back on the center. As far as finances are concerned, one seems to be at the beginning.

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