Reviews: "What are you making?" : In Lyon, an exhibition highlights the adventure of the textile industry of the city

William Klein, the photographer at close range

 William Klein, the photographer at close range © Sakis MitroLidis The American photographer William Klein in Thessaloniki in Greece, on November 22, 2007 the American photographer William Klein, who died on Saturday at the age of 96 in Paris, revolutionized Fashion photography and urban photography, with "punch" images reflecting the feverishness and violence of cities, during a long career devoted to cinema.

A playful and educational course explores the industrial adventure of Lyon in the exhibition entitled "What are you making?", Presented at the Gadagne Museum in Lyon.

The works of the great-grandson of Karl Marx, Karl-Jean Longuet, exhibited at the Museum Le Vergeur de Reims .
Faces, Body, Nature or Architecture, Karl-Jean Longuet drew them or sculpted them with meticulousness. The Museum of Fine Arts of Reims shows the public, until March 3, 2023, the work of the artist who died in 1981. The centerpiece of the exhibition: a bust of Karl Marx, great grandfather of the sculptor . © supplied by Franceinfo 135 drawings and sculptures of Karl-Jean Longet are currently exhibited at the museum of Vergers in Reims.

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