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Which car appears most frequently in the history of the cinema?

 Which car appears most frequently in the history of the cinema? You have the desire to finally show yourself the way you are at the dating again? Then let us give us dating a restart together and, with a little luck, win a parship premium membership for one year © pr a first-class profile picture, exciting hobbies and positive vibes: The perfect first impression counts in online dating-or not? Do singles always have to show their best side or can you score with small weaknesses when flirting? We think that dating should be honest and natural.

Zumba® is the dance workout No. 1: dance to be called rhythms and Latin American sounds in the form

Frau tanzt sich glücklich © Zumba woman happily dances zumba® makes you happy

you knew that every week 15 Train millions of people around the world at 200,000 places around the world? In Germany, too, the Group fitness program is becoming increasingly popular, because the mix of different music styles makes Zumba® a full body training that makes you happy: Scientific studies show that dance workout with dance and fit nettle elements not only trains the body, but also affects mental fitness. Curious people can take a look at the first steps online on the Zumba® YouTube Channel with the Beginner Tutorials.

Retro-sneaker trend: In autumn 2022, these 3 models are announced

 Retro-sneaker trend: In autumn 2022, these 3 models are announced gaaanz in the back in the shoe cabinet there are still a few sambas or gazelles from Adidas, Vans Old Skools, Air Jordans or Air Forces from Nike, Supergas from Canvas, Suedes from Puma or a few old models from New Balance ? Then: move it to the front! Because: everything comes back, everything is there again! Retro sneakers are the hot shit this year! After all, no other shoe models have a carefree cool nostalgic flair.

1. Party Knee Lift

This Move puts you in a good mood! Pull your knee up in front of your body and push your hands towards the ceiling. Here the energy pulsates through the body and the emotions flow - this is Zumba® PUR.

2. March

march on the spot, take the arms with a lot of power opposite side to side and lose themselves completely in the stirring music - this dance step is just fun.

3. Hip Pull

full power for the middle of the body and the legs: start with deep open legs and then alternately the knees inwards and pull the hip forward. The arms pull to the hip. The deeper the movement goes to your knees, the more intense it becomes.

4. Two Step

Every basic rhythm in a Zumba® hour has a very own version of the "Two Step". Through arm variations and different styles, it can be used flexibly and an absolute all -rounder. In the picture, the reggaeton bounce variant can be seen with the arms pushed aside.

5. Sleepy LEG

This basic step is part of the rhythm cumbia, the Colombian national dance. A very melodic rhythm with great sounds, which usually offers time to take a deep breath in a Zumba® hour.

shoe trend: In addition to black boots, boots in this winter color are announced .
on the proverbial quiet soles you can really not be on the road in autumn and winter . At least outside, puddles, leaves and at some point the snow make a silent running impossible. So if soft soles excrete for the cold season, we simply switch to white soles (Höhö)! They not only sound similar, but also look incredibly stylish.

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