Reviews: Harry Potter: This Rogue scene that Alan Rickman did not love

Beatrice of York: Ascent in the succession of the throne: It may represent King Charles

 Beatrice of York: Ascent in the succession of the throne: It may represent King Charles The death of Queen Elizabeth II. († 96) brings with it some changes. Beatrice from York (34) is also affected because it moves to ninth place in the succession of the throne, which enables her to perceive a special task. © Dave Benett/Getty Images for the National Gallery Beatrice from York Beatrice from York: She is "Counstellor of State" Your Browser Does not Support This Video The oldest daughter of Prinz Andrew (62) is now A "POSSELSELOR OF State", as "" reports, citing "The

  Harry Potter : cette scène de Rogue qu'Alan Rickman n'a pas du tout aimée © Warner Bros. France

His role as Severus Rogue, professor at the Hogwarts Magic School in the Harry Potter saga, brought the internationally renowned to Alan Rickman . Which does not necessarily mean that the late British actor appreciated every minute in the skin of his character!

In his posthumous work Madly, Deeply: The Diairies of Alan Rickman , published last October, the actor thus evokes a passage from the magic franchise which he did not appreciate at all.

The scene in question is the one who sees Rogue coldly kill Albus Dumbledore ( Michael Gambon ) in Harry Potter and the prince of blood-blood . "This scene seems to strangely lacking in dramatic aspect, but it is the absolute cause and effect of the scenarios which must group (and condense) the story" , declares…

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