Reviews: in the Schongang in Ankara: Federal Interior Minister Faeser avoids sharp tones

Great Britain: Priti Patel resigns from his post as Minister of the Interior

 Great Britain: Priti Patel resigns from his post as Minister of the Interior GB-Politique-Patel: Great Britain: Priniti Patel resigns from his post as Minister of the Interior © Reuters/Andrew Boyers Grande- Brittany: Prini Patel resigns from his post as Minister of the Interior London (Reuters) - Priniti Patel announced on Twitter on Monday that she resigned from her post as interior minister, a few hours after the announcement of the Election of Liz Truss at the head of the Conservative Party to succeed Boris Johnson as a leader of the Tories and as Prime Minister.

when she was in the input visit, Interior Minister Faeser showed solidarity with the partner Turkey. And at the same time called up to keep measurements.

Bundesinnenministerin Nancy Faeser und ihr türkischer Amtskollege Süleyman Soylu am Dienstag in Ankara. © Photo: dpa/Anne Pollmann Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser and her Turkish counterpart Süleyman Soylu on Tuesday in Ankara.

almost two hours longer than planned, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser spoke on Tuesday in Ankara with her Turkish colleague Süleyman Soylu. Her host gave her a "very interesting insight" into the "operational work" of his ministry, said Faeser afterwards. What Soylu had shown the SPD politician remained open. But Faeser was very grateful: "I was very happy." In general, the German social democrat obviously got on well with the Turkish legal nationalist, which was due to the respective domestic interests of both sides.

federal states cancel resistance to relief package to

 federal states cancel resistance to relief package to Berlin. There are continuing resistance in the federal states against the third relief package of the traffic light coalition. Above all, there is a lack of a lack of coordination by the federal government with the countries in the financing of the individual relief measures. © Monika Skolimowska euro notes on a table (symbol image). "In the current form, the relief package is by no means approval," said Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder of "Welt am Sonntag".

In their joint press conference, Faeser and Soylu are spicy tones. The mountain of problems in the German-Turkish relationship between the arrests of German citizens in Turkey about the oppression of dissenters, the Turkish threats to Greece and the complaints to alleged German tolerance for the PKK to the recent Turkish air strikes in Syria was at most striped.

Faeser expressed their condolences to the death of six people in the bombing of Istanbul on November 13th. With a view to the Turkish retaliation attacks on positions of the Syrian-Kurdish militia YPG of the past few days, they were limited to the indication that they should remain "proportionate" and protect civilians.

Soylu complained about international ignorance

only briefly let Soylu, who otherwise likes to give the anti-western tuner, flash his annoyance on such warnings. The death of innocent people in the attack of Istanbul and in YPG rocket attacks on a Turkish city on Monday were also not "proportionate", he said.

CDU boss Merz apologized for "social tourism" expression

 CDU boss Merz apologized for CDU boss Friedrich Merz has apologized to Ukrainian refugees for his allegation of "social tourism". "I regret the use of the word 'social tourism', wrote Merz on Tuesday in the short message service Twitter." That was an incorrect description of an observing problem in individual cases. " © John Macdougall CDU boss Friedrich Merz has accused of" Social tourism "apologized to Ukrainian refugees.

In addition, Soylu repeated the often performed complaint of Turkey, terrorist attacks on their ground were not damn it internationally: When two rockets hit in Poland, the whole world went to the barricades.

Otherwise Faeser and Soylu had little to complain about the opposite. The Turkish minister knows that Turkey needs the Federal Republic as the most powerful country in the EU and as the most important trading partner. Soylu said that he had agreed with Faeser "Joint steps" in several subject areas.

One of them was particularly important to the Federal Minister of the Interior: combating organized crime. Last week, she presented a strategy paper with the aim of "sustaining criminal structures". Especially in the fight against criminal clans, she needs the cooperation of Turkey, the home of some criminal gangs.

everything back at the beginning of the 49-euro ticket? .
Berlin. The 49-euro ticket is scheduled to come on April 1st. But whether the appointment will be kept is still unclear. The funding is being struggled again - and some of them are now targeting Transport Minister Wissing. The 49-euro ticket should come. April 1st is targeted. But now the financial issues are back on the center. As far as finances are concerned, one seems to be at the beginning.

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