Reviews: Microsoft takeover of Activision Blizzard: US cartel authority apparently considers a lawsuit against the purchase of "Candy Crush" manufacturer

Real estate: access to property, a dream undermined by the increase in interest rates

 Real estate: access to property, a dream undermined by the increase in interest rates is a wish that many French people share: buying property. But to achieve this, the trajectory is more complicated than before. This is in any case what the ninth barometer Buy or rent revealed by, relayed by Le Parisien , Tuesday September 6, 2022. Thus, in 2022, you must keep your property about 14 years for having a main residence becomes more profitable than its rental. For comparison, in 2020, it was necessary to count only 4 years and 4 months on average.

A billion-dollar deal in the game industry may face the end. According to media reports, the US cartel authority is considering a lawsuit against the assumption of the "Candy Crush" manufacturer Activision Blizzard by the software company Microsoft.

  Microsoft-Übernahme von Activision Blizzard: US-Kartellbehörde erwägt offenbar Klage gegen Kauf von © Dado Ruvic/ Reuters

The US cartel authority FTC, according to a newspaper report, takes a closer look at the billion-dollar takeover of the "Call of Duty" video game manufacturer Activision Blizzard through Microsoft . The FTC is considering a cartel lawsuit to prevent Microsoft's approximately $ 69 billion, the newspaper " Politico " reported on Wednesday, citing three people familiar with the matter.

Automobile: Nissan definitively leaves Russia

 Automobile: Nissan definitively leaves Russia supplied by Tribune Nissan had a factory in St. Petersburg (northwest), the only one in Russia, stopped in March. After Renault or Toyota, it's Nissan's turn to leave Russia definitively. The Japanese car manufacturer will sell all its assets in Russia in the Russian state, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced on Tuesday. "The Russian active ingredients of Nissan Manufacturing Rus will become the property of the state," he said.

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The FTC examiners are skeptical about the arguments of the companies. A complaint against the deal is not yet a decided thing, two of the three insiders told the sheet.

Walking adoption "completely absurd"

The video game manufacturer criticized such a step. "We are determined to continue working with the regulatory authorities around the world to enable transaction, but we will not hesitate to defend the takeover if necessary," said a spokesman for Activision Blizzard. Any hint that the transaction could lead to competitive effects is "completely absurd".

The takeover offer is also put to the test in Europe. The EU regulatory authorities initiated a comprehensive investigation at the beginning of the month and warned of restrictions on competition. The FTC and Microsoft did not immediately respond to the inquiries from Reuters to comment.

As part of the largest deal in history , Microsoft announced in January to want to take on computer game hits such as "Call of Duty" and "Candy Crush" for around $ 69 billion.

weapon manufacturer Heckler & Koch increases profit vigorously .
The weapon manufacturer Heckler & Koch operates significantly more profitable than before. In the first three quarters of the year, net profit made it up by 70 percent to EUR 29.1 million compared to the same period last year, as the company in Oberndorf announced. Sales climbed by seven percent to 226 million euros. © Bernd Weißbrod/dpa The production hall of the weapon manufacturer Heckler & Koch in Oberndorf with finished assault rifles of the HK416.

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