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Reviews: Trial of the Rio -Paris flight: a siblings pay homage to the pilot who "did everything" to save the plane

Trial of the Rio-Paris crash: Air France is "not guilty", maintains its representative

 Trial of the Rio-Paris crash: Air France is © Thomas Samson of the civil parties arrive in court for the trial of the Rio-Paris flight crash 2009, October 10, 2022 In Paris "not guilty". The representative of Air France maintained Thursday before the Paris Criminal Court that the company had not committed a fault having led to the crash of the Rio-Paris flight in 2009, while refusing to charge the pilots and its co-convenue Airbus.

Les parties civiles arrivent au palais de justice de Paris le 10 octobre 2022 pour assister au procès des compagnies Airbus et Air France dans l'affaire du crash du vol Rio-Paris Air France le 1er juin 2009 qui avait fait 228 morts. © AFP - Thomas Samson The civil parties arrived at the Paris courthouse on October 10, 2022 to attend the Airbus and Air France companies in the Rio-Paris Air France flight case on June 1, 2009 which had left 228 dead.

The two sisters and the brother of David Robert, in command of AF447 who crashed in the Atlantic on June 1, 2009, said this Tuesday, November 29 at the court that he had made his maximum.

With our special envoy to the Paris courthouse, Marine de la Moissonière

"Our brother David is first of all a victim of this drama," says Sylvie Robert. "Even more than before this trial, I am convinced that he has not committed any misconduct. Neither him nor any of the other pilots. A certainty reinforced by listening to black boxes, explain Sylvie, Sarah and Teddy in turn.

Trial of the Rio-Paris crash: The representative of Air France defends the formation of pilots

 Trial of the Rio-Paris crash: The representative of Air France defends the formation of pilots © AP-Michel Euler at the trial of the Rio-Paris crash, the court began to hear the representative of Air France, Wednesday 9 November 2022. The airline, prosecuted for "manslaughter" after the death of the 228 people who were aboard AF447 who crashed in the Atlantic Ocean, on June 1, 2009, chose to defend herself Through the voice of one of his former pilots and instructors, Patrick Weil.

for them, now, regardless of the verdict; The trial made it possible to rehabilitate the memory of their brother and his colleagues. They were "not idiots" as the media and "expert pseudos" said after the crash, insists Sarah, the youngest of siblings. All three pay a beautiful tribute to this brilliant big brother, demanding, curious, competent, who loved "his job, his son, his family and life.

Airbus designated guilty

on June 1, 2009, the three Pitot probes, which make it possible to calculate the speed of the aircraft, frosted. In the cockpit, this breakdown led to the disconnection of the automatic pilot, the tilting in a degraded piloting mode and many alarms. Destabilized, the two co -pilotes, soon joined by the captain, lost control of the aircraft, who hit the Atlantic less than five minutes later. Defending itself from any "fault" that led to the accident, Airbus, judged as Air France for manslaughter, argues that "piloting errors" are at the origin of the disaster.

But for the Robert, the culprit, it's Airbus. “If only we had explained this breakdown to the pilots. You just had to teach them once, only once, ”regrets Sylvie. “Since the start of the trial, we keep asking if the crash could have been avoided if the pilots had done this or that. Well, me, the question I ask is: if Airbus had done its work correctly, would this drama have taken place? »

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