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Reviews: Santa Clauses start the Christmas season

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 Amazon expects a maues quarter - an breaks the world's largest online retailer Amazon in view of increased inflation and recession worries with a surprisingly weak Christmas business. © Patrick Pleul/dpa Amazon has gone into investors with a surprisingly weak sales forecast for the Christmas quarter. The group expects revenues between $ 140 billion and $ 148 billion in the final quarter of the year, as he announced on Thursday after the US Stock Colon Casting.

shortly before December 6th, the Santa Clauses in the southwest start to Christmas. The first visits are already coming up, said Berthold Erich Schwarz from the Nikolausgilde Friedrichshafen. This year, too, the season begins for the Santa Claus on Lake Constance with a service on Sunday. In the days up to the 4th Advent, the guild visits around 150 families, clubs, kindergartens and care facilities. This year a few Santa Clauses failed due to illness, so that it will be a tight program for the four remaining couples from Nikolaus and Knecht Ruprecht.

Ein Mitglied der Nikolausgilde richtet seine Mitra. © Felix Kästle/dpa/Archive A member of the Nikolausgilde directed his miter.

The demand for Corona has grown significantly, says Schwarz. Last year, many visits were held because of the outdoor pandemic. "We had great experiences with it," he said. Like some others, the guild is on a voluntary basis. There is nothing to be asked for visits. However, it is difficult to find offspring.

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 Back from the 80s: Lure Disco Curling As a Frisuren trend 2022, for party atmosphere The time has come: The Party season 2022 is just around the corner. What do we mean? The days around Christmas and New Year's Eve on which there are enough occasions to really accelerate when styling and not only get the most sparkling clothes out of the closet, but also to try new hairstyle trends . This season is particularly popular? Extravagant Disco lure that look ultra-glamorous, spread a good mood and make your wearer the focus of every room.

in Altshausen (Ravensburg district), on the other hand, there are enough candidates for the Nikolausgilde there, which celebrated its 75th anniversary this year. 30 Nikolaus-Ruprecht pairs are there for visits to facilities and families, as Nikolaus spokesman Steffen Obert explained. "With us the high season from December 6th to 11th."

Nikolaus von Myra, whose commemoration day is celebrated on December 6, is said to have lived around the year 300. He is said to have given poor children golden apples and helped hungry people with grain. Nationwide there are guilds that are committed to the lives and work of the saint. The members usually don't want to have anything to do with Santa Claus representations.

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