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Reviews: Flight of automotive parts: five indicted, 700,000 euros in damage

Success for the automotive company: Porsche Ihr Aise brings Volkswagen 9.08 billion euros

 Success for the automotive company: Porsche Ihr Aise brings Volkswagen 9.08 billion euros After Porsche went to the stock exchange at the end of September, the price has now stabilized. The Volkswagen subsidiary thus brings the company several billion euros. © Photo: Bernd Weißbrod Porsche brings Volkswagen 9.08 billion euros. The IPO of the sports car subsidiary Porsche brings Volkswagen 9.08 billion euros. The Bank of America had actually set four-week support measures for the Porsche share. However, after this was noted stable above the issue price of 82.50 euros, the US investme

Les gendarmes enquêtent depuis février dernier sur ce trafic. (Illustration) LP/Olivier Arandel © Olivier Ariandel The gendarmes have been investigating since last February on this traffic. (Illustration) LP/Olivier Ariandel Five people, arrested Tuesday in Moselle, were indicted for trafficking in stolen automotive parts , whose damage approaches 700,000 euros, the national gendarmerie said on Saturday. The members "of a criminal group of Moselle", known to justice for similar facts, were all placed in pre -trial detention on Friday, the gendarmerie said in a statement. A sixth person, implicated for concealment and suspected of having sold the stolen parts on the Internet, was arrested in the Oise and placed under judicial supervision. Flights between the East and Germany These arrests are the result of an investigation started in February, after a flight of injector pallets in a logistical deposit in the Loir-et-Cher, while "many flights" Automobile parts had been observed for several months also in eastern France and Germany. "In total, the damage of these flights amounts to nearly 700,000 euros in France," said the national gendarmerie. The searches carried out in France and Germany made it possible to seize luxury watches and nine vehicles for an amount of 200,000 euros.

When to expect used car prices to bottom out .
Used car prices have fallen for three straight months, but barely. Experts say don’t expect pre-pandemic pricing anytime soon.But lately, with interest rates rising, recession fears mounting, and the supply of new vehicles in the U.S. slowly returning to normal levels, the once red-hot used car market is beginning to cool.

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