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Reviews: Martin Semmelrogge and Claudia Effenberg move to the jungle camp A

glitter, glamor, GDR - a model in the east

 glitter, glamor, GDR - a model in the east The GDR - also land of dreamer and birds of paradise, the unadjusted and creative. This story tells director Aelrun Goette in her film "in a country that no longer exists". © Peter Hartwig/Ziegler Film/Tobis/dpa Marlene Burow (L) as Suzie and Sabin Tambrea as Rudi in a scene of the film "in a country that no longer exists". State power tries to cover, to suck the wings, to start a betrayal.

The workforce for this year's edition of "I'm a star-get me out here!" Buffet served.

  Martin Semmelrogge und Claudia Effenberg ziehen ins Dschungelcamp ein © Peer Grimm / Dpaweb / Picture-Alliance / dpa

Around a month before the start of the jungle camp, RTL officially announced the twelve participants. The greatest awareness among the participants should enjoy actor Martin Semmelrogge ("Das Boot"). With him, among other things, the new German-wave singer Markus Mörl (63, "I want fun"), ex-player Claudia Effenberg (57) and singer Lucas Cordalis (55, "We drink ouzo with good friends") in Australia in the warehouse. Cordalis should have been seen at the season last year, but was then ill.

Environmental activists attack an Aston Martin automotive concession in London

 Environmental activists attack an Aston Martin automotive concession in London © Copyright 2022, the Obs of environmental activists from the Just Stop Oil group attacked this Sunday, October 16 at a concession of the automotive brand of Luxe Aston Martin in the center of London, as part of their series of actions started in early October against the exploitation of hydrocarbons.

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For the younger generation of reality stars, the "Beauty & The Nerd" winner Cecilia Asoro (26), the "Ex on the Beach" candidate Gigi Birofio (23) and the make-up influencer Jolina Mennen (30 ). In addition, there are the "Germany's Next Top Model" participant Tessa Bergmeier (33), the radio host and ex-girlfriend of Oliver Kahn , Verena Kerth (41), actress Jana Pallaske (43), who as "known from the Neckar" Big Brother »Veteran Cosimo Citiolo (40) and Model Papis Loveday (45). According to RTL, the Senegalese Lovedese native is "the most successful black male model in the world". He was on the cover of international fashion magazines several times and ran for Armani, Versace and Dior .

GZSZ | Shock around Martin: Tat weapon is placed anonymously with Nihat!

 GZSZ | Shock around Martin: Tat weapon is placed anonymously with Nihat! currently try Emily (Anne Menden) and Nihat (Timur ülker) everything, to cover up that you are injured Martin (Oliver Franck) in the presence of Lilly (Iris Mareike) Have overthrew Havel. © Rolf / Rolf Baumgartner GZSZ Nihat Martin As we see in the new GZSZ episodes, the guilty conscience is particularly plagued. After all, it was he who put Martin a hard blow with a metal stick before Emily promoted the culprit into the water.

New moderator

"I'm a star - get me out of here!" (Ibes) starts on Friday, January 13th. The spectacle runs one day longer this year. The final is on January 29, a Sunday. For the first time since the beginning of 2020, the disgusting tests are rotated again in Australia. Because of the corona crisis, the show was only replaced by a similar spectacle in Germany , then produced in South Africa . The Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen jungle camp is moderated.

Köppen replaces Daniel Hartwich. "The reason for this is my family, who will no longer be able to accompany me in the future because of the compulsory schooling," Hartwich said in February as a reason. In 2013 he had succeeded the late comedian Dirk Bach as the moderator of the show.

2023 BMW i7 xDrive60 Seamlessly Integrates Its Electric Powertrain .
Bigger and more luxurious than ever, the new BMW 7-series now also comes in EV form, though it doesn't shout about it.With its new-for-2023 7-series, BMW has come down firmly in the camp of making electrification simply another powertrain alternative. The i7 xDrive60, as the EV version is called, differs from the V-8-powered 760i xDrive in only minor visual details: The BMW roundel on the hood has a subtle blue ring around it, the start/stop button inside is blue, the grille is solid and has a small "I" in a vertical element, and, of course, there are no tailpipes.

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