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Reviews: Risk of infection due to E.Coli bacteria: Manufacturer calls for wheat flour

Automobile: Nissan definitively leaves Russia

 Automobile: Nissan definitively leaves Russia supplied by Tribune Nissan had a factory in St. Petersburg (northwest), the only one in Russia, stopped in March. After Renault or Toyota, it's Nissan's turn to leave Russia definitively. The Japanese car manufacturer will sell all its assets in Russia in the Russian state, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced on Tuesday. "The Russian active ingredients of Nissan Manufacturing Rus will become the property of the state," he said.

Risk of infection because of E.Coli bacteria: Manufacturer calls for wheat flour

A wheat flour manufacturer launched a recall due to E.Coli bacteria. The consumption of the flour can have health consequences.

Munich - a lot of flour is used, especially during Christmas - for cookies, tunnels and other treats. Now caution is advised. Because the wheat flour manufacturer C. F. Rolle Mühle GmbH started a batch recall, reports the portal food The reason for the recall is the detection of verotoxin -forming Escherichia coli (VTEC/Stec) in the product of the Saxon company.

Calling: "Your Sachsen flour" affected

The recall is the recall of wheat extract flour type 550 1kg, which is sold under the name "Your Sachsenmehl". The Charge 24276 with the best before date 07.08.2024 is affected. The European article number (EAN) is 813425000308. The reason is a burden with E.Coli bacteria. The product of the manufacturer C. F. Rolle Mühle GmbH was sold in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony, Thuringia. The portal warns of eating the batch. The manufacturer assures that there are currently only products that are not affected by the bacteria.

Auto Industrie: EU car market only slowly gets the lack of electronics chips significantly restricted to

 Auto Industrie: EU car market only slowly gets the lack of electronics chips significantly restricted to © in new car registrations. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = Especially Volkswagen, Mercedes and Porsche booked more new registrations in September. Nevertheless, the figures in 2022 remain significantly below those in the previous year. The car market in the EU remains a difficult terrain for manufacturers. In September there was an increase in new car registrations by 9.6 percent to 787,870 vehicles and thus the second plus in a row, as the European manufacturer Association ACEA announced on

  Infektionsgefahr wegen E.Coli-Bakterien: Hersteller ruft Weizenmehl zurück © provided by Merkur Photo © Imago/Stockyimages

Risk of infection: Bacteria can be dangerous

e.Coli bacteria often occur in food and can lead to infectious diseases. According to RKI, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are among the usual symptoms of such an infection. Fever occurs less often. Heavy infection courses can be dangerous for infants, children, seniors and people with previous illnesses. A possible consequence of a difficult course can lead to kidney failure. If you notice serious and persistent symptoms, you should see a doctor.

wheat flour: Customers can reimburse the price

customers should no longer process and consume the product with the best before date. The affected batch of wheat flour can return consumers in the shop and get the full price back - even without submitting the receipt.

Call up at DM: Salmonella risk in organic product

It always comes to recall. Some batches of an organic product from the drugstore chain DM are also affected. This is a salmonella load. (HK)

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