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Reviews: "The Bergdoktor" season 16: New love for Martin "unbelievable"!

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On December 29, fans finally learn how to proceed with "The Bergdoktor" , because then ZDF continues with season 16 of the series of success. The spectators: Inside, not without reason, the past season is quite dramatic.

martin-gruber-bergdoktor © ZDF/Erika Hauri Martin-Gruber-Bergdoktor "The Bergdoktor": No new love for Martin Gruber

The most emotional moment was probably the separation of Martin and Anne, who even culminated in the fact that Anne left the Gruberhof and Ines Lutz the series left. Many are now wondering: How does the Bergdoktor continue afterwards? It is already clear: Martin has to process love off first.

But can fans adapt to a new love for the popular doctor? There is finally an answer - from actress Monika Baumgartner, who takes on the role of Lisbeth in the format. In an interview with "TV feature film" she emphasizes that there is currently no successor to Anne in Martin's life.

GZSZ-Schocker: Laura learns of Martin's death and ...

 GZSZ-Schocker: Laura learns of Martin's death and ... so far Nihat (Timur ülker), Lilly (Iris Mareike) and Emily (Anne Menden) have kept her dark secret. But a stupid coincidence brings the truth to light - of all places Laura (Chryssanthi Kavazi) learns of a body. A little later it becomes clear to her who it could be. © Rolf Baumgartner GZSZ Laura and Emily GZSZ: Laura overhears a conversation between the perpetrators as the information that the police found Martins (Oliver Franck) car, there is a crisis discussion between the three.

also with Hans and Linn there are problems

"Martin has to process what happened. Franziska has gone to New York, his child is gone, she is gone. I don't think the authors are right away again there again have written in. That would make it very unbelievable. He first has to see how he can handle the overall situation, "emphasizes the actress. For Martin, love in season 16 will probably not be in the foreground.

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and also in the life of Lisbeth's other son Hans is not running smoothly, as Monika Baumgartner suggests. "On the one hand, she is happy as a mother that the son has a new life again, at the same time she naturally thinks about whether this can work that someone comes from outside to the yard." We remember: Hans actually found his new luck with Linn, but whether she will find her way around the Gruberhof still has to be shown.

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