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Reviews: "I'm sorry": This is how Stefan Mross reacted to burglars in luxury villa

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"I'm sorry": This is how Stefan Mross reacted to burglars in luxury villa

Stefan Mross Luxusvilla is at Does the separation from Anna-Carina Woitschack have to do? Or with the break -in at the beginning of the year?

Passau-Already in spring a strange man broke into the luxury villa by Stefan Mross (47) and Anna-Carina Woitschack (30). A land strike had exploited that the hit stars were traveling again and made itself comfortable in the shell of the outbuilding. But Stefan Mross came to the burglar.

Landstreicher lived in Stefan Mross and Anna-Carinas Villa

for weeks with their luxury residential mobile, which Stefan Mross lovingly described as her "main residence", the 47-year-old and his Anna-Carina toured from appointment last year. Because the pop dream couple was always in demand in the big TV shows. The luxury villa with almost 150 square meters was empty most of the time.

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  „Er tut mir leid“: So reagierte Stefan Mross auf Einbrecher in Luxusvilla © provided by Merkur Photo © Imago

and this is exactly the fact that a land string made an advantage at the beginning of 2022. He is said to have stayed in an outbuilding for several weeks. Stefan Mross already suspected that someone was falling and installed several surveillance cameras on the 1200 sqm property. The confirmed one finally suspected him. "I was totally frightened and immediately alerted the police," he announced to

Stefan Mross reacts with compassion

The police immediately moved in, but could not find the man. Instead, they discovered cell phones, bags and clothing of the stranger. "Actually I'm sorry, because he was only looking for a warm place to sleep" , said Mross, "and in our shell it was nice and cozy because there was a heater to dry out the walls. I hope that he has now found a place to stay ”.

Both the motorhome and the villa now belong to history. After the separation from Anna-Carina Woitschack, the native Traunsteiner also seems to want to separate from everything that reminds him of his ex. Just last year, the pair of pop pair had renovated the Villa and built a new guest house. Sources used:,

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