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Reviews: "It was quite boring": Outlander's actor, Sam Heughan looks back on his hearings to play James Bond

James Bond 007: Aston Martin DB5 from "No time to die" for 3.26 million euros auctioned

 James Bond 007: Aston Martin DB5 from at the beginning of the film "No time to die" 007 is chasing a chase in an Aston Martin DB5. It has now been auctioned for a millions - in addition to many other objects from 60 years of Bond. © Neil Hall/ EPA An Aston Martin DB5 from the latest James Bond film "No time to die" was auctioned for the equivalent of around 3.26 million euros (£ 2.92 million). The iconic car was used in a scene at the beginning of the action thriller.

Le comédien d’Outlander, Sam Heughan est revenu sur ses auditions pour incarner le personnage James Bond. © Starface Outlander's actor, Sam Heughan returned to his auditions to embody the character James Bond.

A few years ago, the actor of Outlander , Sam Heughan passed the castings to be the new James Bond, except that it had to play a younger version of the 007. As for the 'Audition, the actor found that she was particularly " boring compared to what fans of 007 could think. "

during a recent interview with American journalist Sheinelle Jones, Sam Heughan revealed how passed the casting of this legendary franchise. " is a secret place. You have to introduce yourself, eliminate a few bad guys. It was quite boring (...) But I did it, I entered and I auditioned. " he explains. He continued: " They were originally going to make a younger leap (...) What I find to be a great idea! "

"It will not be live": Alain Chabat unveils the concept of Late Show, his new program broadcast from 11 p.m. on TF1 (Video)

 © Capture of screen / France 5 "It will not be live": Alain Chabat unveils the concept of Late Show, his new program broadcast from 11 p.m. on TF1 (Video) from November 21, Alain Chabat will host Late Show, a new program broadcast every evening on TF1, from 11 p.m. Faced with Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine's team in C to you, the actor revealed a little more. a few weeks ago, TF1 announced the arrival of a brand new program in its evening gates.

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if Daniel Craig embodied the character of the secret agent, he put his list of number 007 in Die can wait in order to Leave room for a new actor. The future of the saga remains very uncertain, however, since many noises of corridors claim that the franchise would like to highlight a female James Bond. However, others have left doubt about various personalities to replace him as the actor Henry Cavill (" Superman "), regeneled Jean-Page (" The Chronicle of Bridgeton "), Tom Hardy (" Inception "), James Norton (" War and Peace "), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (" Kick-Ass ") or Chiwetel Ejiofor.

As for his decision to have abandoned the costume of agent 007, Daniel Craig absolutely does not regret his choice as he entrusted to the BBC. " no, [I don't regret] at all. I was incredible luck to spend 17 years of my life [play James Bond]. I want to literally spend the next 20 years of my life trying to get off to drop out All that. Try to put him in his place because it was incredible. I left him where I wanted him to be. I was given the chance to do it with [dying can wait] ".


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