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Reviews: Grand Est: Jean Rottner (LR) lets go of the presidency of the region and "leaves public life" for family reasons

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Jean Rottner, président de la région Grand Est a annoncé sa volonté de se retirer de tous ses mandats d'ici la fin de l'année. © Ludovic Marin / AFP Jean Rottner, President of the Grand Est region has announced his desire to withdraw from All his terms by the end of the year.

He leaves political life. Jean Rottner, President LR of the Grand Est region since 2017 , announced during a videoconferencing with the regional elected officials which he was going to resign from any elective function. A press release was issued at the same time on the site of the regional community, evoking personal and family reasons.

I decided to leave public life. I will withdraw from all of my mandates by the end of the year ... family imperatives animate this heavy decision. This choice is to be respected , "writes the elected official, recognizing a decision" not easy to take ". Jean Rottner indicated that his first vice-president in the region, Franck Leroy, was going to ensure his interim.

The mayor of Épernay Franck Leroy well started to be the future boss of the Grand-Est .
© Simon Ksiazenicki Franck Leroy, during the inauguration of the Viti Vini show in Épernay, October 11, 2vice022 is now the interim president From the Grand-Est region./simon Ksiazenicki to everyone's surprise, The President of the Regional Council Jean Rottner (LR) announced, Tuesday, December 20, to "leave public life" and to withdraw "from The set of [its] mandates by the end of the year "due to" family imperatives ".

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